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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild custom launcher



You can download binaries on releases page.


All configurations are done by zlauncher.ini config file. ZLauncher can use another config file if specified with -config command line parameter.

This is an example config file:

path=D:\Programs\Cemu                                          ; Path to Cemu
fullscreen=true                                                ; Fullscreen
cores=0,2,4,6                                                  ; Comma/space delimited list of allowed cores
cmdline=                                                       ; Additional Cemu command line parameters

path=D:\Games\WiiU\The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild    ; Path to the game
elevate=true                                                   ; Run game with admin priveleges

path=.\speedhack.exe                                           ; Path to speedhack trainer
enabled=false                                                  ; Is speedhack enabled

enabled=true                                                   ; Video playback hack enabled

enabled=true                                                   ; Is Steam support enabled
elevate=true                                                   ; Run Steam with admin priveleges
gameid=12927812811798609920                                    ; Game id in Steam library

Steam (overlay and controller)

You can launch game through Steam to get Steam overlay and Steam controller working:

  • Add ZLauncher into your Steam library as a Non-Steam game
  • Create desktop shortcut for this game
  • Find new shortcut on desktop and open its properties
  • Copy id number from URL attribute. It will be something like steam://rungameid/12927812811798609920
  • Paste id to the gameid parameter of the [steam] section
  • Delete shortcut if you want
  • Set the [steam].enabled parameter to true
  • Set the [steam].elevate and [game].elevate parameters to true if you want to run game as admin

Video playback

ZLauncher supports BotW cutscenes playback using external mpv player. ZLauncher reads Cemu log file and starts playing when game tries to access video file. To enable video playback hack:

  • Enable logging in Cemu (Debug > Logging > Enable logging and Debug > Logging > File access)
  • Set the [video].enabled parameter to true

ZLauncher vs Cemuhook

ZLauncher and Cemuhook works differently. Just choose what you like:

Cemuhook is hooking some Cemu functions and replacing its functionality.
  • It's integrated into Cemu.
  • It works in another games, not BotW only.
  • It's more seamless integration: subtitles are visible, timings are correct.
  • It interferes with Cemu, something can break after updates.
  • It's closed-source now.

ZLauncher is constantly reading Cemu log and shows cutscene in external borderless window.
  • It doesn't touch Cemu in any way.
  • It most likely continue to work after updates.
  • Video is shown in separate overlay.
  • Subtitles are hidden.
  • Timings may be broken.

You can disable ZLauncher video playback by setting [video].enabled parameter to false. Then you can remove mpv.exe if you want.