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Squebi is a SPARQL editor and SPARQL result visualizer with some nice features:

  • customization of SPARQL result visualization
  • support for SPARQL 1.1 (update and select)
  • bookmarkable uris that define queries and the visualization type
  • support for SPARQL query editing (URIs, ontologies and prefixes)
  • fast backend switch (quite useful for demo)
  • nice GUI

Squebi is in use in the following projects and products:


Squeby uses bower for dependency management. To get all dependencies, execute bower install. The current version is v1.0.1.


For configuration set your SPARQL endpoints (and additional parameters) by script and include it before the requirejs.

selectService : String (required)

The URI of the SPARQL select webservice (used via POST).

updateService : String (required)

The URI of the SPARQL update webservice (used via POST).

configurable : Boolean

If squebi allows dynamic changes of SPARQL endpoints.

default: false

automaticQuery : Boolean

If squebi automatically sends the current query after the page is loaded.

default: true

queryParams : Object

Additional query parameters as property:'value' pairs.

updateAllowed : Boolean

If UI allows SPARQL update queries.

default: true

namespaces : Object

Namespace prefixes as path:'prefix' pairs. Als prefixes that are not defined here will be looked up on

container : String

The identifier (#id or .class) for the container that should be used for the application.

default: '#squebi'

appLoader : String

The identifier (#id or .class) for the container that is shown before the app is loaded completely. This container is hided on app startup complete.

default: '#appLoader'

app : String

The uri of the squebi app.

default: '.'

bower : String

The uri of the bower dependencies.

default: 'bower_components'

responseMessage : Object

Custom response messages based on http response as 'number':'message' pairs. If no response message is defined, the server response is used for display.

samples : List

A List if sample objects with properties 'name' (what is displayd), 'query', and 'type' (the id of the writer).

writers : List

A list that includes the ids of the writers which are enabled.

Sample Configuration

    selectService : "",
    updateService : "",
    queryParams : {
        key : "mykeyasadditionalqueryparameter"

Use Squebi as Webjar

You can use squebi in version 1.0.1 as webjar, too. The webjar is hosted on Maven Central. Put this dependencies to your pom


Important: If you want to build your own webjar, please download the required bower dependencies first into the folder bower_components.


Squebi provides an extendable SPARQL interface.







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