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Scott's goal is to automate the tedious parts of Scott's job so that he has time to do the important parts.

How to

Clone with submodules

git clone --recursive

Install dependencies

# For the server
  cd server
  npm install

# For the reader
  cd reader
  sudo pip2 install -r requirements.txt

# In Arch
sudo pacman -S python2-lxml python2-cssselect \
  tesseract-data-eng tesseract coffee-script \
  poppler imagemagick git

# In Ubuntu 12.04
echo Install node 0.8 from source. Then,
sudo apt-get install python-lxml tesseract-ocr tesseract-ocr-eng \
  coffeescript git poppler-utils imagemagick

server contains a restify web server, and client contains a Backbone application. The server also serves the client files. Serve the site like so


During development, it expects a database to be in /tmp/wetlands.db. This often ram, so you might need to put one there.

Useful stuff

Network of servers

This is run across two computers.

  1. One (server) serves the node application, the downloader/reader, the database and the primary documents
  2. A second (desk) coordinates backups; it periodically pulls the documents and listings submodules and the logs directory and then pushes those to external git repository hosting services.

Downloading old documents

You can see all the previous permit applications from Scott's manual spreadsheet parsings here (except for a couple that went missing).

If you want to integrate them with your csv file, switch everything in the respective urls before the final (sixth) slash for ""

For example, becomes

You can also download them all at once here


  • Thomas Levine
  • Daniel Schneiderman