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(yet another) static site generator. Simple, fast, maths with KaTeX, code evaluation, LaTeX-like commands, optional pre-rendering, in Julia.
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Franklin: a Static Site Generator in Julia.

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Franklin is a simple static site generator (SSG) oriented towards technical blogging (code, maths, ...) and light, fast-loading pages. The base syntax is plain markdown with a few extensions such as the ability to define and use LaTeX-like commands in or outside of maths environments and the possibility to evaluate code blocks on the fly.

Franklin now has a channel #franklin on the Julia slack.


Go to Franklin's main website.

Some examples of websites using Franklin

Key features

  • Use standard markdown with the possibility to use LaTeX-style commands,
  • Simple way to introduce div blocks allowing easy styling on a page (e.g. "Theorem" boxes etc.),
  • Can execute and show the output of Julia code blocks,
  • Simple optimisation step to accelerate webpage loading speed:
    • compression of HTML and CSS of the generated pages,
    • optional pre-rendering of KaTeX and highlighted code blocks to remove javascript dependency,
  • Easy HTML templating to define or adapt a given layout.

See the docs for more information and examples.

Getting started

With Julia ≥ 1.1:

pkg> add Franklin

you can then get started with

julia> using Franklin

julia> newsite("MyNewSite")
✔ Website folder generated at "MyNewSite" (now the current directory).
→ Use serve() from Franklin to see the website in your browser.

julia> serve()
→ Initial full pass...
→ Starting the server...
✔ LiveServer listening on http://localhost:8000/ ...
  (use CTRL+C to shut down)

Modify the files in MyNewSite/src and see the changes being live-rendered in your browser. Head to the docs for more information.

Associated repositories



  • Franklin, FranklinTemplates and LiveServer are all MIT licensed.


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