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Sniff media hosting websites for Flash-free consumption
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sniffy monitors network traffic for media hosting websites and streams them in your favourite media player.

Demonstration video

  • It aims to keep out of your way and help rid the world of Flash
  • It works in conjunction with any web browser, even Lynx!


  1. Install pypcap, libquvi and the python-libquvi bindings
  2. Run sniffy as root (it'll drop privileges as soon as it can)
  3. Browse the supported sites



  • Flash should not be a requirement for media consumption on the web
  • Flash has performance issues
  • Flash is insecure
  • HTML5 is not widspread enough
  • Sniffy's cousin -- ytmp -- is too clunky


Lovingly crafted by Tom Vincent under the GPL License.

You should follow me on Twitter.

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