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Play videos from video hosting services without the need of Flash

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Note: superseded by sniffy (I no longer maintain ytmp).


Play videos from video hosting services without the need of Flash.

Sure, there are a number of alternative methods (such as bookmarklets, userJS, command line tools and complete desktop clients) that achieve the same goal, but ytmp does it differently.

ytmp includes a daemon, utilising ngrep to watch for traffic destined to one of the supported sites (below). The ytmp client then receives a (formatted) link to the video, which is passed to youtube-dl for downloading or streaming in your favourite media player.

This approach therefore provides an interface to youtube-dl, requiring no user intervention, while remaining browser agnostic: just visit a video hosting site as normal and watch the video without Flash!

Supported sites

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo


  • ngrep
  • youtube-dl

  • Your favourite media player (the developers use mplayer)


  • zenity: for (GTK) GUI support
  • kdialog: for KDE GUI support
  • dmenu: for dmenu GUI support


Configuring ytmp.conf

  • Specify your network interface (usually eth0 or wlan0)
  • Choose a GUI
  • Specify the command of your favourite media player
  • Optionally set the download path and YouTube quality setting

General usage

(Note: the following is targeted to Arch Linux users)

  1. Start the ngrep wrapper as root:

    $ sudo /etc/rc.d/ytmpd start
  2. Launch the ytmpc client:

    $ /usr/bin/ytmpc
  3. Open a video (from the list of supported sites) in your browser

  4. Video automatically plays in your chosen media player

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