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Seamlessly build, deploy & manage cloud-native applications.

Jazz accelerates adoption of serverless services. Jazz comes with a UI that lets developers quickly create serverless services with the click of a button. Its modular design makes it easy to add new integrations.

  • Services - Jazz can help build functions, APIs and static websites. The template-based system makes it easy to define new ones.
  • Deployment Targets - Currently we deploy to AWS (Lambda, API gateway and S3). We plan to support Azure Functions and Docker containers in the near future.
  • Features - Services seamlessly integrate features like monitoring (CloudWatch), logging (ElasticSearch), authentication (Cognito).
  • Deployment & CI/CD - CI/CD platform is driven using Jenkins where it leverages Serverless Framework for deployment of serverless services.
  • SCM - Jazz works with Gitlab as well as Bitbucket.

Jazz is open-sourced and under active development by T-Mobile's Cloud Center of Excellence.

Watch the video preview here.


You can install Jazz in your account using the automated installer.

Try Jazz!

You can try out public preview version of Jazz by registering with your email address here. You will need a registration code which can be requested by joining slack. Once in slack, you can request a registration code.

User Guide

For more details, see the Wiki.


Jazz is released under the Apache 2.0 License