A namespace finder library.
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This library is a library similar to clojure.tools.namespace. It is designed to find namespaces on the classpath. This one was ripped from Leiningen's core because we decided it should be publically available to everyone.

This library was originally devised in Leiningen because Leiningen had a few specific needs that clojure.tools.namespace did not provide. Furthermore, the library's author seems to be ignoring some issues with the library (having declined a filed issue about it so far) that makes the library explode when ran across a namespace with a namespace form that the reader cannot read. We ran into this problem because lein-newnew has mustache templates with .clj extensions and namespace forms with mustache syntax inside of them, and it would break any project that was using tools.namespace. If you have this kind of problem, you can use this library instead.

Furthermore, this library has a few useful features like being able to provide your own classpath as a string and for only looking for namespaces matching a certain prefix.


user=> (require '[bultitude.core :as b])
user=> (take 10 (b/namespaces-on-classpath))
(bultitude.core-test bultitude.core clojure.data clojure.string clojure.test clojure.xml clojure.inspector clojure.repl clojure.set clojure.test.junit)
user=> (b/namespaces-on-classpath :prefix "bultitude")
(bultitude.core-test bultitude.core)
user=> (b/namespaces-on-classpath :prefix "bultitude" :classpath "src")
user=> (b/namespaces-on-classpath :prefix "bultitude" :classpath "src:test")
(bultitude.core bultitude.core-test)

Note that the path separator needs to be whatever is used on your operating system. It can also be a collection of File objects.

The Name

I don't know. You'd have to ask Phil about that one.