• May 31, 2016


    AQEMU version 0.9.2 released!
    This is a small bug fix release.
    See the CHANGELOG for details.
  • May 13, 2016


    With this release AQEMU gets a refreshed face, support for folder sha…
    …ring, and the ability to send
    the clipboard's content with the VM control window.
    Many Bugs were fixed, with special attention towards better overall usability.
    This release isn't provided by the original author of AQEMU, Andrey Rikov,
    to whom I want to tip my hat for his work.
    It can be seen as a fork and a continuation. The old AQEMU file format is still used and AQEMU 0.8.2
    files and VMs should continue to work without hassle.
    Explicit support for older qemu versions (<2.0) was dropped, as the legacy code was adding a lot of
    lines and complications, while most people are using newer qemu versions anyway.
    Overall it is highly recommended to upgrade from 0.8.2 as this release should be a major improvement,
    not the least of which is the switch from Qt4 to Qt5.
    See the CHANGELOG for more details.
  • Apr 20, 2016


    AQEMU version 0.9.0