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###Latest news: 0.9.3 is on the way with many new features. But development has stalled for a while, mostly due to life demanding my attention for other tasks.

I set up a crowdfunding page for AQEMU, it will enable users to donate for the whole project and/or for individual issues. Please consider setting up a monthly donation.

I want AQEMU to pick up steam again with your help, with the goal of making the best virtual machine manager GUI.

Bountysource crowdfunding page for AQEMU:

Patreon crowdfunding page:

Donate via PayPal:


Current stable release: See the CHANGELOG for details.

Upgrading from 0.8.2 is highly recommended.

Port of AQEMU 0.8.2 from Qt4 to Qt5.

Use cmake to build.


  • Qt5Core
  • Qt5Widgets
  • Qt5Network
  • Qt5Test
  • Qt5PrintSupport
  • Qt5DBus
  • LibVNCServer

As an alternative to cmake the meson build system is also supported: