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IFTTT for Stream Deck: v2.0

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@tobimori tobimori released this 10 Aug 21:21

IFTTT for Elgato Stream Deck

Updated to Version 2.0!

  • New: Logo on GitHub, Key image, Action image and Store image
  • New: Updated to Stream Deck SDK v2
  • New: Maker Key is now set once globally (not per action anymore)
  • New: Hotlinks to GitHub and IFTTT in Property Inspector
  • Other: Moved from category 'tobimori' to 'Custom'
  • Other: Renamed from IFTTT Integration to IFTTT (for [Elgato] Stream Deck)
  • Other: Removed German translation
  • Other: Removed tutorial from due to update of IFTTT's interface //TODO

Available in Stream Deck Store as of 12th August 2019.