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"blink(1) is a super status light: it packs three dimensions of information (color, brightness and pattern) into a single tiny package that fits into any USB port on nearly every device. It makes it incredibly easy to connect any data source in the cloud or on your computer to a full-color RGB LED so you can know what's happening without checking any windows, going to any websites or typing any commands."

The official repository of blink(1) software is:

That repo pulls from the active development repo:

Please submit any issues or pull-requests there.

Official releases of pre-built software are available at:

Ready-to-run Applications to play with


Blink1Control2 is the update to Blink1Control.

You can find it at:

** Download Blink1Control2**


Blink1Control is a GUI application for hooking events to blink(1) and is the primary user-level application for controlling blink(1). It is an event-based system for triggering blink(1) color patterns. Those events can be on your computer or on the Net.

Blink1Control can receive events from:

  • IFTTT's many channels
  • IMAP/POP/GMAIL email services
  • URLs containing text or JSON
  • Local files or executed scripts
  • Hardware monitors like CPU, battery, RAM

This verison of Blink1Control supercedes the Mac-specific and Windows-specific versions in the "mac" and "win" directories.

Toy / Test Applications

And then these are more "toy" or "test" applications to just play around with your blink(1):

  • BlinkATweet -- Watch real-time Twitter stream for keywords, flash blink(1) when found.
    Download: (Mac OSX) / (Windows)

  • Blink1ColorOrgan -- Sound-reactive program, music-to-color, instant disco! Download: (Mac OSX) / (Windows)

  • Blink1ColorPicker -- Play with blink(1) select colors. Download: (Mac OSX), (Windows)

  • Blink1Test0 -- a very simple random-color app. Download: (Mac OSX) / (Windows)


For script-writers, programmers and hackers, there's the command-line tool:

What is in this repo

The following directories exist:

  • docs -- Documentation of APIs and tips & tricks
  • commandline -- blink1-lib C library and command-line tools, specifically:
    • blink1-tool -- command-line tool for almost every OS
    • blink1control-tool -- blink1-tool for use with Blink1Control GUI app
    • blink1-tiny-server -- simple HTTP to blink1 bridge
    • blink1-lib -- C-library for controlling blink(1)
  • java -- Java / Processing library
  • processing -- Processing applications (
  • nodejs -- NodeJs library
  • python -- Python libraries (there are a couple to choose from)
  • ruby -- Ruby APIs & Ruby Tools
  • go -- Go library
  • qt -- Blink1Control lives here, along with some Qt sample apps
  • mac -- Mac OS X details and GUI control application
    • scripts -- command-line scripts to do cool things
  • windows -- Windows details and GUI control application
    • Blink1Lib -- .NET library wrapping blink1-lib
    • ManagedBlink1 -- 100% .NET library
    • scripts -- Windows command-line scripts to do cool things
  • linux -- Linux details and scripts
    • contrib__ -- contributed Linux scripts
  • libraries -- (deprecated) libraries common to all systems (mostly just HTML app code)
  • hardware -- all hardware-related info (firmware & schematic & enclosure)

Some docs that might be useful

Also see the wiki pages

More Info about blink(1)


blink(1) is open source hardware

Copyright (c) ThingM, 2012-2014

'blink(1)' is a trademark of ThingM Corporation

License: CC BY-SA 3.0