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FSIRCC is a filesystem-based IRC client written inspired by suckless "ii", but written to have a cleaner codebase, and to be easier to customize.


First, generate a config.h:

make config.h

Then edit it and to customize the program. Once both files are configured, run make:

make clean all
sudo make install

The program can be uninstalled at any time with make as well:

make uninstall

Running FSIRCC

To run the FSIRCC client, simply run the executable with the first argument being the hostname of the irc server to connect to, like so:


This will, by default, create a directory "/tmp/fsircc/" with two files for input and output to the server. The two files are "in" to pipe input to, and "out" for FSIRCC to log output to.

Sending commands to the client

FSIRCC communicates directly through FIFO file communication. For example, joining a channel is as simple as echoing text to the "in" file:

echo '/j #mychannel' > /tmp/fsircc/

This will create a new channel directory under the path "/tmp/fsircc/" with an "in" and an "out" file for the channel, which can be used to communicate with the channel rather than the server.

Writing a 'me' message:

echo '/m uses FSIRCC' > /tmp/fsircc/

Leaving a channel:

echo '/p #mychannel' > /tmp/fsircc/

To overcome the limitations of my own laziness since I haven't programmed in all of the irc commands yet, there is a way to send 'raw' irc protocol in messages to in case a command is not supported by the client yet:

echo '/r PING bob' > /tmp/yorha/


  • C99 compliant compiler


Feel free to submit pull requests here, or send me an email if you would rather not use github.