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Nyandoc: scaladoc/javadoc HTML parser / document generator



  • This software can convert javadoc/scaladoc html to markdown format.
  • Text-editor friendly!
  • Under development, but basically works.

Pre-build documents


Goal: To parse javadoc/scaladoc HTML and generate the document with specific format.

Motivation: I need Scala API documentation with more text-editor friendly format than HTML. But Scaladoc only support to generate HTML. "doclet" feature is provided, but it is very restricted and difficult to understand. So I don't generate document from sources directly, but instead parse HTML and transform it.

Current status

  • Basic features are supported
    • Parse scaladoc to internal representation
    • Parse javadoc to internal representation
    • Generate markdown documents from internal representation
  • Not supported yet
    • Other output format
    • Old-format(Java 1.6 or older) javadoc html
    • Some html tags (ol, blockquote, table, image)
    • Text layout engine is not support for fullwidth characters.


The project is packaged with Conscript.

Install conscript first, and

$ cs install todesking/nyandoc


Currently, output format fixed to markdown.

$ nyandoc <source-location> <dest-dir>


$ sbt 'run <source-location> <dest-dir>

source-location could be directory, html, jar, or zip. File type is determined by its extension.


Example usage: Use ctags to generate tags file

Add ~/.ctags to this:

--regex-markdown-scala-nyandoc=/^#+ .*(def|val|var|type)[[:space:]]+([^ (\[]+)/\2/

--regex-markdown-java-nyandoc=/^#+ .*[[:space:]]([a-zA-Z0-9]+(<.+>)?)\(/\1/


ctags -R . # For Scala project
ctags -R .  # For Java project

in nyandoc document directory.

Example usage: Use Vim as document browser

I used these technologies:

At first,

:Unite file:.nyandoc/ -default-action=rec


and select scala-2.11.2


and select immutable/



:Unite outline