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Docker image for mosquitto - superseded by eclipse-mosquitto

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Project Status

The puprose of this Container was to provide a configurable and decent mosquitto broker container. The Eclipse Mosquitto Project now provides a very similar Container - See Other Containers below. This container still uses Debian/Jessie as a base container which is kinda old.

Feel free to send Pull Requests. As I don't use this container any longer it's kinda tricky to test and keep compatibility at a level I would like.


docker run -ti -p 1883:1883 -p 9001:9001 toke/mosquitto

Exposes Port 1883 (MQTT) 9001 (Websocket MQTT)

Running with persistence

Local directories / External Configuration

Alternatively you can use volumes to make the changes persistent and change the configuration.

mkdir -p /srv/mqtt/config/
mkdir -p /srv/mqtt/data/
mkdir -p /srv/mqtt/log/
# place your mosquitto.conf in /srv/mqtt/config/
# NOTE: You have to change the permissions of the directories
# to allow the user to read/write to data and log and read from
# config directory
# For TESTING purposes you can use chmod -R 777 /srv/mqtt/*
# Better use "-u" with a valid user id on your docker host

# Copy the files from the config directory of this project
# into /src/mqtt/config. Change them as needed for your
# particular needs.

docker run -ti -p 1883:1883 -p 9001:9001 \
-v /srv/mqtt/config:/mqtt/config:ro \
-v /srv/mqtt/log:/mqtt/log \
-v /srv/mqtt/data/:/mqtt/data/ \
--name mqtt toke/mosquitto

Volumes: /mqtt/config, /mqtt/data and /mqtt/log

Docker Volumes for persistence

Using Docker Volumes for persistence.

Create a named volume:

docker volume create --name mosquitto_data

Now it can be attached to docker by using -v mosquitto_data:/mqtt/data in the Example above. Be aware that the permissions within the volumes are most likely too restrictive.

Start with systemd

As an example this how you run the container with systemd. The example uses a docker volume named mosquitto_data (see above).

Description=Mosquitto MQTT docker container

ExecStart=/usr/bin/docker run -v /srv/mqtt/config:/mqtt/config -v /srv/mqtt/log:/mqtt/log -v mosquitto_data:/mqtt/data/ -p ${EXT_IP}:1883:1883 -p ${EXT_IP}:8883:8883 -p --name mqtt toke/mosquitto
ExecStop=/usr/bin/docker stop -t 2 mqtt
ExecStopPost=/usr/bin/docker rm -f mqtt



git clone
cd docker-mosquitto
docker build .

Other Containers

The puprose of this Container was to provide a configurable and dsecent mosquitto broker. The Eclipse Mosquitto Project now provides a very similar Container: Eclipse Mosquitto Container It should be easy to migrate to it.

Authors and license

docker-mosquitto was written by:

License: BSD 3-Clause


Contact: Thomas Kerpe

OpenPGP fingerprint: B5AD 7FCB 270D A762 46D2 A8F2 B0E6 5607 ABE5 7238