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Welcome to the RustFest 2018 libp2p workshop!

The purpose of this workshop will be to write a simple peer-to-peer chat application using the libp2p library. This library relies on futures and tokio, and will also demonstrate the usage of these libraries.

Libp2p is a peer-to-peer protocol started by protocol labs. It is designed to be modular and generic.


  • Clone this repository: git clone
  • Read chapter-1/src/ to start with the first task.
  • Once done, go to chapter-2/src/
  • Once done, go to chapter-3/src/

Remember that you can run cargo doc in order to generate the documentation of all the dependencies used by a package.

If you are finished and want to go further, just ask your host for a follow-up.

About me

My name is Pierre (pronounced "pee-air"). Don't hesitate to ask for help at any time!

Want to keep in touch?