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A tool for mocking HTTP services

ResponseDefinition now only indicates body file if body content absen…

…t. This is to make it easier for people writing ResponseTransformers and mutating the response def in order to do e.g. templating, as previously the file would win even if the transformer had added a body.
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Tom Akehurst authored

WireMock - a web service test double for all occasions

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Key Features

  • HTTP response stubbing, matchable on URL, header and body content patterns
  • Request verification
  • Runs in unit tests, as a standalone process or as a WAR app
  • Configurable via a fluent Java API, JSON files and JSON over HTTP
  • Record/playback of stubs
  • Fault injection
  • Per-request conditional proxying
  • Browser proxying for request inspection and replacement
  • Stateful behaviour simulation
  • Configurable response delays

Shiny new documentation can be found at

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