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Osprey is a simple, clean, and fast one-page Hugo portfolio accompanied by a blog.


  • Minimalist, clean, and uncluttered theme
  • Portfolio display gallery
  • Disqus comments
  • Formspree AJAX contact form (with Formspree Gold)
  • Basin AJAX contact form (free)
  • Responsive Flexbox Grid
  • SASS styling
  • Minimized/compressed CSS and JavaScript files with cachebusting hash setup
  • Syntax highlighting with Highlight.js
  • SEO-friendly construction
  • Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager integration
  • OpenGraph and Twitter Cards integration
  • Quick loading speeds
  • Custom CSS option




Option 1: Clone Repository

In the root of your Hugo site directory run:

$ cd themes
$ git clone

Option 2: Create Submodule

Create a submodule linked directly to the theme's GitHub repository in order to receive updates:

$ git submodule add themes/osprey

Then run:

$ git submodule update --init --recursive --remote


Osprey comes with several configuration options to aid in site customization. This is an example config.toml file:

title = "Osprey Example Site"
baseURL = ""
tags = ["portfolio", "web design", "blog"]
languageCode = "en-US"
config = "config.toml"
theme = "osprey"
canonifyURLS = true
googleAnalytics = ""
disqusShortname = "tomanistor"
disableKinds = ["taxonomy", "taxonomyTerm"] # This theme does not currently use "tag" and "category" taxonomies

  tagline = "Osprey Example Site"
  author = "Toma Nistor"
  description = "Full-stack web developer and UI/UX enthusiast based in San Diego, CA."
  logoBig = "/images/osprey-logo.png"
  logoSmall = "/images/osprey-logo.png"
  favicon = "favicon.ico"
  opengraphImage = "/images/osprey.png"
  email = ""
  googleTagManager = ""
  customCSS = false

  # Social media links in footer
  twitter = "TomaNistor"
  linkedin = "tomanistor"
  github = "tomanistor"
  facebook = ""

  # Copyright and theme author credit in footer
  copyright = false
  credit = false

  # Cache busting of static resources (additional set up required)
  cacheBustCSS = true
  cacheBustJS = true

  # Code highlighting with highlight.js
  highlightJS = true
  highlightJSStyle = "" # For custom highlight.js styles, add your /path/to/styles/default.css
  highlightJSScript = "" # For custom highlight.js languages config, add your /path/to/highlight.pack.js

  # Choose either Formspree contact form or Basin contact form
  ajaxFormspree = false
  ajaxFormspreeGold = false
  ajaxBasin = ""

  # Lazy loading with lazysizes
  lazyloading = true

  name = "About"
  url  = "/#about"
  weight = 1
  name = "Work"
  url  = "/#work"
  weight = 2
  name = "Blog"
  url  = "/#blog"
  weight = 3
  name = "Contact"
  url  = "/#contact"
  weight = 4

Using Osprey

The two main content types are blog posts and gallery images.

About Section

To create an about section that renders on the home page, run:

$ hugo new

Blog Posts

To create a new blog post, run:

$ hugo new blog/

Gallery Images

To add a new image to your portfolio, run:

$ hugo new gallery/

The gallery archetype comes with its own configuration. Here is an example:

date = "2017-05-10T21:35:17-07:00"
title = "Image Title"
image = "image-file.png"
alt = "This is a description of the image"
color = "#7ac143"
link1 = ""
link2 = ""

Contact Form

Two contact forms services are offered as options: Formspree and Basin.


Update 4/15/18 - Formspree no longer offers newly set up AJAX contact forms for free. This is now a Formspree Gold feature. You can either use the non-AJAX version of Formspree (which redirects to a Captcha page on form submit) by setting the config.toml parameter ajaxFormspreeGold to false, sign up for Formspree Gold and set the parameter to true, or sign up for Basin and use their contact form service for free.

The email address specified in the config.toml file will be the one receiving messages sent through the contact form. The contact form is operated by Formspree and requires that the form must be submitted once initially to confirm the email address being used. See instruction here.


Basin is an alternative, free AJAX contact form service. To use Basin, sign up for a free account and create a form. Copy and paste your form's URL endpoint to the ajaxBasin config.toml parameter. Select the Submit this form via AJAX option on your Basin dashboard.

Basin AJAX setup

Custom CSS

To implement custom CSS sitewide, change the config.toml parameter customCSS from false to true and then create a css.html file in your layouts/partials/ folder like the example below:

  <!-- This will remove the shadow on the navbar -->
  nav {
    box-shadow: none;

This will render inline CSS in the head of your site and without adding an extra HTTP request.

Cache Busting

As of v2.1.0, this theme uses native Hugo Pipes for cache busting of assets. Generated assets will be served from the resources folder and will no longer require any additional setup with Gulp.


If you'd like to help with the development of this theme, I encourage you to submit a pull request or create an issue if you find a bug. All help is appreciated.


This theme is released under the Apache 2.0 license. For more information read the license.