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Simple way of getting user input in Node.js. Prompt is really awesome but it ships with too much stuff I don't really need.


  • Verifies type of response (string, number, boolean), and returns native value.
  • Can check response against regex or array of options.
  • Custom error message for each field, or fallback to 'Invalid value'.
  • Masks password fields with '*', with support for backspace keystrokes.
  • Fields can hold a default value, be marked as required or allow an empty response.


npm install reply


var reply = require('reply');

var opts = {
  name: {
    message : 'Please type in your name.',
    allow_empty: false // will require an answer
  username: {
    default : 'nobody' // if left empty, will fall back to this value
    type    : 'string'    // ensure value is not a number
  gender: {
    options : ['Male', 'Female', 'Robot', 'Rather not say']
  password: {
    message : 'Password, please.',
    type    : 'password',
    regex   : /(\w{6})/,
    error   : 'Six chars minimum. Try again.'
  country: {
    message : 'Where are you now?',
    default : get_country // use the function below to provide a default/fallback answer
  zip_code: {
    message : 'Please enter your ZIP code.',
    type    : 'number', // reply uses the JS primitives, as returned by `typeof var`
    depends_on: {
      country: 'US'

function get_country(answers) {
  // answers contains the values given up to this point.
  if (answers.username == 'billgates')
    return 'US';
  else // we'll simply guess it from the LANG variable
    return process.env.LANG.split(/_|\./)[1]; 

reply.get(opts, function(err, answers) {
  /* { name: 'Bill Gates', 
       username: 'billgates',
       gender: 'Robot', 
       password: '123456',
       country: 'US',
       zip_code: 12345 } */

Confirm (yes/no)

reply.confirm('Are you up for it?', function(err, yes) {
  var answer = (!err && yes) ? "That's crack-a-lackin!" : 'Bummer.';


  • message : What's displayed when requesting the user's input. Optional, though helpful.
  • default : Default value in case user just presses the enter key. Can be a value or a function that returns a value.
  • depends_on: Key/val object containing the previous answers from which a specific entry depends on. Check the depends-on.js example for a use case.
  • type : Determines the type of response that is expected to the valid. Possible values are: string, password, number, or boolean.
  • options : Array of elements from which the user is expected to give a valid answer from.
  • regex : Validates response against the given regex.
  • allow_empty: Disallows empty answers.

You can find a few more use cases in the examples directory.


Written by Tomás Pollak.


(c) Fork Ltd. MIT license.