Invalid reference method error for standard words - possible to escape automatic cross-referencing? #348

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I'm getting Invalid reference method errors when I use the word "object" or "error" in a class description. For example:
"ThisClass corresponds to the Resource object in the RESTful web service."
generates the error message:
WARN | Invalid [object resourcePath] reference found near ThisClass.h@12, unknown object : error !

I do not want to turn off automatic cross references. I just want a way to be able to use specific words without generating errors. This would also make sense for people who want to reference methods/objects (such as those in Cocoa or other frameworks), that they don't actually want to create cross references to.
(You'll see this is similar to issue #82, so this has come up previously).


The warning you get is likely from using brackets like this: [object resourcePath]. Current version doesn't handle this too well, especially when inside code blocks (where it should ignore everything alltogether). Version 3 handles this much better, but is not yet ready for usage. This is likely linked with #72 too.


Would it be helpful for me to post examples?


Yes, you can post example file (or fraction if it's long one).


A workaround for this issue is now possible on the referenced pull request.

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