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QComicBook v0.6.0
(c)by Pawel Stolowski 2005-2010
released under terms of GNU General Public License v2

1. Introduction
QComicBook is a viewer for comic book archives containing
jpeg/png/xpm/gif/bmp images, which aims at convenience and simplicity.
Features include: automatic unpacking of archive files, full-screen mode, continuous
scrolling mode, double-pages viewing, manga mode, thumbnails view, page scaling,
mouse or keyboard navigation etc.

2. Requirements
QComicBook requires Qt library version >=4.5.0 (including moc, uic and lrelease tools)
and cmake.

You will also need unzip, rar (or unrar), unace, p7zip and tar (with gzip and
bzip2 support compiled in) somewhere in your PATH to handle archives. If one of
these tools is missing you can still use QComicBook, but you won't be able to
open some archives. You may check status of supported archives via Help > System information
menu option of QComicBook.

3. Installation
To compile QComicBook, you will need Qt4 developement packages (usually named
-devel- in many distros). Compilation includes three steps:

$ make
$ make install
(the -D... argument is optional; if not specified, qcomicbook will be installed in
/usr/local directory).

If you want to compile qcomicbook with e.g. /usr prefix, but install it to a temporary
location for packaging, then pass DESTDIR variable to 'make install', e.g.
$ make install DESTDIR=/tmp/package_root

4. Known issues
* rar/unrar (and unzip/unace probably too) may have problems with files/dirs in the
archive, which names contain non-ascii characters (like special characters for you
language). As a result they won't be decompressed and qcomicbook may show
"No images found" error box.
* the free (opensource) unrar doesn't currently support 3.0 rar archives. Such archives are reported
as empty by QComicBook. It is *recommended* to use non-free rar/unrar.

5. Bugs
Ideally, your bug report should include:
- description of problem.
- list of steps that reproduce the problem (if it's reproducible).
- console output from QComicBook (recompile QComicBook with -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug flag to enable debug
- sample comic book archive that causes problems if problem is only reproducible with particular archive.
  Please reduce the number of images in the archive to the minimum needed for reproducing bug.

Please report bugs to:

6. Translations
If you want to translate QComicBook, please read README-translations.


Viewer for comic book archives that aims at convenience and simplicity




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