Ray casting engine (and sample game) I made when I was a teenager :)
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When I was young, I had much more spare time to spend on hacking interesting projects. One thing that particularly was fascinating me was game development. I really wanted to develop my own 3D game engine, and I did have some successes.

Title of game is "Tajemnica Sryriusza" which is "Secret of Sirius" while word "Sirius" is deliberately misspelled. Did I say I was teenager when I wrote this?

Technical specs

  • Raycasting 3D engine (like the one in Wolfenstein-3D game).
  • This code was born during golden age of DOS, and was compiled under DJGPP (DOS port of GNU C).
  • I used Allegro game library.
  • Compiled binary is included. You should be able to run it under DosBox.

Beware of:

  • Comments are in Polish :-)
  • Code has been written by teenager :-)