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PushNotifier SDK for Python
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PushNotifier (V2) for Python

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A python module to easily use the service of PushNotifier in your python projects.

You can find the documentation here.

Special thanks go to @Logxn.


Easily send

  • messages ✉️
  • urls 🌎
  • images 🖼️

via python to all your devices. For more info visit


Note: you have to have requests installed (pip install requests)

  • Install PushNotifier via pip

    $ pip install pushnotifier
  • Install PushNotifier manually

    $ git clone
    $ cd /path/to/repository/
    $ python install


from pushnotifier import PushNotifier as pn

pn = pn.PushNotifier('username', 'password', 'package_name', 'api_key')

Sending messages

>>> pn.send_text('hello world', silent=False, devices=['abcd', 'efgh'])
>>> pn.send_url('', silent=False, devices=['abcd', 'efgh'])
>>> pn.send_notification('hello world', '', silent=False, devices=['abcd', 'efgh'])

>>> # Note on send_image: currently you can't send images to android/ios devices
>>> pn.send_image('path/to/image.png', silent=False, devices=['abcd', 'efgh'])

Get Basic information

>>> password = 'XXXXX'
>>> pn.login(password)
{'username': 'username', 'avatar': '', 'app_token': 'XXXXX', 'expires_at': XXXXX}

>>> pn.get_all_devices()
['abcd', 'efgh', 'ijkl']

Refresh app token

>>> pn.refresh_token()

More detailed help

See the documentation or

>>> help(pn.some_method_you_need_help_on)
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