ViennaTalk, a LIVE IDE for VDM-SL based on Pharo Smalltalk
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ViennaTalk logo

ViennaTalk ~ Live and Formal

ViennaTalk is a Smalltalk library to handle VDM-SL specifications.

Introduction to VDM Browser ViennaTalk: Types, Values and Objects ViennaTalk: Code Generation

Table of Major Components of ViennaTalk

  • VDMBrowser - A VDM-SL browser inspired by Smalltalk's class browsers and inspectors
  • VDMPad - A lightweight web IDE for VDM-SL with animation and diagram presentation of data
  • ViennaAnimation - Animation manager that encapsulate execution engine
  • Lively Walk-Through - A UI prototyping environment to animate UI prototype by VDM-SL specification
  • Webly Walk-Through - A Web API server to publish VDM-SL specifications of web APIs.
  • ViennaEngine - Animation engine wrapper
    • ViennaVDMJ - Animation engine by local VDMJ process
    • ViennaServer - Web server to publish animation engines
    • ViennaClient - Client module of ViennaServer/VDMPad
    • ViennaBankEngine - Aggregated animation engine
  • ViennaTalk-Types - Smalltalk classes for VDM types
  • ViennaTalk-Values - Smalltalk objects for VDM values
  • ViennaTalk-Parsers - VDM parsers, Smalltalk code generators and VDM source formatter.

What's new in the latest release

  • Codename Oxford has been released. (July 1, 2018)

    • Source repository is migrated from smalltalkhub. Great thanks to Peter Uhnak for the migration tools.
    • Base Pharo is upgraded to Pharo 6.1.
    • ViennaTalk uses 64bits Virtual Machine by default.
    • VDMJ bridge now works on 64bits VM
  • Codename Harajuku has been released. (Jan 18, 2018)

    • VDM Directory Browser is a VDM browser for file-based management. The browser loads all .vdmsl files and writes into files when a spec is accepted on the specification pane.
    • ViennaUnit is a testing framework for VDM Browser. It runs all operations with the 'test' prefix in all modules with the 'Test' postfix.
  • Urgent update for Maribor has been released. (Aug 30, 2017)

    • The base Pharo version is back to 5.0 due to unstability of Pharo 6.1 (32bit)

You can still manually configure ViennaTalk "Maribor" on Pharo 6.1 (64bit) with a limitation that use of VDMJ is limited only via remote site (default This limitation is from the OSSubprocess package that ViennaTalk uses to execute VDMJ process.

  • Codename Maribor has been released. (Aug 28, 2017)
    • VDMDebugger integrated with Pharo's moldable debugger
    • migrated to Pharo 6.1 (32bit)

You can debug an auto-generated Smalltalk code with its source VDM specification on Smalltalk debugger, and step-execute by granularity of the source VDM specification.

  • Codename Ito has been released. (Feb 12, 2017)

    • Implicit/extended explicit functions/operations are supported by the pretty printer and code generators.
    • Exception statements (exit, always, trap and tixe statements) are supported by the pretty printer and code generators.
  • Codename Cyprus has been updated. (Dec 20, 2016)

    • A bug in formatter is fixed.
    • A bug in Lively Walk-Through loader is fixed.
    • A bug in Livetalk compiler is fixed.
    • Code generators produce init methods that assign state variables atomically.
  • Codename Cyprus has been released. (Nov 16, 2016)

    • Dropping a .vdmsl file will open a VDMBrowser.
    • Dropping a .lwt file will open a Lively Walk-Through window.
    • VDMC is renamed to ViennaAnimation
    • ViennaAnimation-Transpiler, which uses the code generator as an execution engine, is added.
    • Settings has Code Generator section to turn on/off runtime type checking and runtime assertion checking.
    • "use transpiler" and "use interpreter" is added to the VDMBrowser's module menu.
    • In Lively Walk-Through, the "use transpiler" option is added to the settings tab.


ViennaTalk works on Pharo 4.0 . MacOSX and Linux is supported. Windows platforms are partially supported; a local VDMJ process does not work on Widnows due to limitation of OSProcess's piping functions.


ViennaTalk is distributed under the MIT license.


You may either download a pre-built package from Release page or install from source code repository into Pharo.

Source Repository

The source code repository is available at If you like to install from source code, please use Iceberg to clone with repository subdirectory, and load BaselineOfViennaTalk and install its baseline. Or, you may at once install it by evaluating

Metacello new
	baseline: 'ViennaTalk';
	repository: 'github://tomooda/ViennaTalk/repository';

How to use

The ViennaTalk Launcher provides quick access.


The tools menu provies shortcuts to the tools, such as VDM Browser, Lively Walk-Through and so on.

ViennaLauncher tools menu

The ViennaTalk menu will be available in the World menu.

World->Tools menu items for ViennaTalk


You can open the Settings dialog from either Tools>>settings... menu of ViennaLauncher or System>>Settings menu of the World menu.

settings menu of ViennaLauncher

Then the Settings Browser opens.


If you want to setup the font for VDM sources, you can click on the font to open a font chooser dialog.

FontChooser dialog

The update button will read all available fonts in the system. You can then choose the font family and point size, and press OK.


Part of the ViennaTalk project is supported by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (S) 24220001 from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.