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Next.js serverless PWA with Firebase and React Hooks

nextjs-pwa-firebase-boilerplate demo on phone

Note: this is my v4 boilerplate for React web apps. See also my GraphQL + Postgres SQL boilerplate, Redux + REST + Postgres SQL boilerplate and Redux + REST + MongoDB boilerplate. For a simple Next.js landing page, see nextjs-generic-landing-page.

Support this project

Did you or your company find nextjs-pwa-firebase-boilerplate useful? Please consider giving a small donation, it helps me spend more time on open-source projects:

Support Tom on

Why is this awesome?

This is a great template for a any project where you want React (with Hooks) (with static site generation (SSG) or server-side rendering (SSR), powered by Next.js) as frontend and Firebase as backend. Lightning fast, all JavaScript.

  • Great starting point for a PWA (Progressive Web App), which you can add to your Home Screen and use as a full-screen app.
  • PWA features such as manifest.json and offline support (next-offline).
  • Can be deployed as serverless functions on Vercel/Zeit Now.
  • Uses the new Firebase Firestore database, but easy to replace/remove database.
  • Login/Signup with Firebase Authentication.
  • Can use SSG getStaticProps or SSR getServerSideProps.
  • React Hooks and Context for state management and business logic.
  • Free-form database model. No GraphQL or REST API, just add React Hooks and modify getStaticProps/getServerSideProps when changing/adding database tables.
  • Easy to style the visual theme using CSS (e.g. using Design Profile Generator).
  • SEO support with sitemap.xml and robots.txt.
  • Google Analytics and google-site-verification support (see config/config.js).
  • Flexible configuration with config/config.js and .env.local file.
  • Code linting and formatting with StandardJS (yarn lint/yarn fix).
  • Unit testing with Jasmine (yarn unit, not yet included).
  • Great page speed, see Lighthouse score:

Lighthouse score


See nextjs-pwa-firebase-boilerplate running on Vercel here.

nextjs-pwa-firebase-boilerplate demo on phone

How to use

Clone this repository:

git clone [MY_APP]
cd [MY_APP]

Remove the .git folder since you want to create a new repository

rm -rf .git

Install dependencies:

yarn  # or npm install

Set up the database (if you don’t need a database, see “How to remove/replace Firebase as database” below):

  1. Go to and create a new project, a new web app, and a new Cloud Firestore database.
  2. Copy the firebaseConfig (from when setting up the Firebase web app) to lib/data/firebase.js
  3. Edit the .env.local file, setting the NEXT_PUBLIC_FIREBASE_API_KEY value.

Start it by doing the following:

yarn dev

In production:

yarn build
yarn start

If you navigate to http://localhost:3004/ you will see a web page with a list of articles (or an empty list if you haven’t added one).

Modifying the app to your needs

Change app name and description

Do search/replace for the name “nextjs-pwa-firebase-boilerplate” and description “Next.js serverless PWA with Firebase and React Hooks” to something else.

Change the name and short_name in public/manifest.json.

Change the version in package.json to 0.1.0 or similar.

Renaming “Article” to something else

The main database item is called Article, but you probably want something else in your app.

Rename the files:

mv hooks/articles.js hooks/{newName}s.js

mkdir -p components/{newName}s
mv components/articles/AddArticleForm.js components/{newName}s/Add{NewName}Form.js
mv components/articles/ArticleDetails.js components/{newName}s/{NewName}Details.js
mv components/articles/ArticleList.js components/{newName}s/{NewName}List.js
mv components/articles/ArticleListItem.js components/{newName}s/{NewName}ListItem.js
rm -r components/articles

mkdir pages/{newName}s
mv "pages/articles/[slug].js" "pages/{newName}s/[slug].js"
rm -r pages/articles

Then, do search/replace inside the files for different casing: article, Article, ARTICLE.

Change port number

Do search/replace for 3004 to something else.

How to remove/replace Firebase as database

Delete lib/data/firebase.js and modify hooks/articles.js.

Replace Firebase with Supabase (Postgres SQL)

  • Remove Firebase: yarn remove firebase
  • Add Supabase: yarn add @supabase/supabase-js
  • Add NEXT_PUBLIC_SUPABASE_API_KEY to .env.local
  • Create a lib/data/supabase.js:
import { createClient } from '@supabase/supabase-js'
const supabaseUrl = process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_SUPABASE_URL
const supabaseKey = process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_SUPABASE_API_KEY
export const supabase = createClient(supabaseUrl, supabaseKey)
  • Update the JS files that reference lib/data/firebase

Change visual theme (CSS)

  1. Change included CSS files in pages/_app.js
  2. Change CSS in public/app.css
  3. Change font(s) in PageHead.js
  4. Change colors in public/manifest.json

Login/Signup with Firebase Authentication

You need to enable Email/Password authentication in

Deploying on Vercel

Note: If you set up your project using the Deploy button, you need to clone your own repo instead of this repository.

Setup and deploy your own project using this template with Vercel. All you’ll need is your Firebase Public API Key.

Deploy with Vercel


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