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Next.js (React) + Redux + Express REST API + Postgres SQL boilerplate.
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Next.js (React) + Redux + Express REST API + Postgres SQL boilerplate

You want MongoDB database instead of Postgres SQL? Check out nextjs-express-mongoose-crudify-boilerplate instead.

Why is this awesome?

This is a great starting point for a any project where you want React + Redux (with server-side rendering, powered by Next.js) as frontend and Express/Postgres SQL as a REST API backend. Lightning fast, all JavaScript.

  • Simple REST API routes with sql-wizard.
  • Redux REST support with redux-api and next-redux-wrapper.
  • Flexible client-side routing with next-routes (see server/routes.js).
  • Flexible configuration with config/config.js and .env file.
  • Hot reloading with nodemon.
  • Testing with Jasmine.
  • Code formatting and linting with StandardJS.
  • JWT authentication for client-server communication (coming).


See nextjs-sql-rest-api-boilerplate running on Heroku here.

nextjs-sql-rest-api-boilerplate demo on Heroku

How to use

Clone this repository:

git clone [MY_APP]

Install dependencies:

cd [MY_APP]
yarn  # or npm install

Install Postgres and set up the database:

psql postgres  # Start the Postgres command-line client

CREATE DATABASE "nextjs-sql-rest-api-boilerplate";  -- You can also use \connect to connect to existing database
CREATE TABLE kitten (id serial, name text);  -- Create a blank table
INSERT INTO kitten (name) VALUES ('Pugget');  -- Add example data
SELECT * FROM kitten;  -- Check data exists

Start it by doing the following:

export DATABASE_URL=[your Postgres URL]  # Or use a .env file
yarn dev

In production:

yarn build
yarn start

If you navigate to http://localhost:3123/ you will see a Next.js page with a list of kittens (or an empty list if you haven’t added one).

Your API server is running at http://localhost:3123/api/kittens


Deploying on Heroku

heroku create [MY_APP]
heroku addons:create heroku-postgresql:hobby-dev
git push heroku master

Deploying on Now


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