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UFO - ECS Deployment Tool

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Ufo is a tool that builds Docker images and deploys them to AWS ECS. The main command is ufo ship. Here's summary of what it does:

  1. Builds a docker image. 
  2. Generates and registers the ECS template definition. 
  3. Deploys the ECS template definition to the ECS service.

Ufo deploys a task definition that is written in a templating language that is easily and fully controllable.

See for full documentation.


If you are on version 3, you can run ufo upgrade v3to4 within your project to upgrade it to version 4. Refer to the CHANGELOG and the Upgrade 4 Docs.


gem install ufo

Full installation instructions are at Install Ufo.

Quick Start

To quickly demonstrate how simple it is to use ufo we will use an example app from tongueroo/demo-ufo. The app is a barebones sinatra app. Here are the steps:

gem install ufo
git clone https:/// demo
cd demo
ufo init --image=tongueroo/demo-ufo
ufo ship demo-web

Congratulations, you have successfully used ufo to deploy to an ECS service.

Load Balancer Support

Ufo can also create a load balancer as part of creating the ECS service if you wish. Underneath the hood, ufo uses CloudFormation to create the load balancer. More information can be found at the load balancer support docs.



Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at

QA Checklist

QA Checklist is a good list of things to check.