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[DEPRECATED] Integration of Elixir's building and deployment tool: mix into Emacs.
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The elixir-mix.el package is now integrated in the new alchemist.el package. Please use the alchemist.el package instead if you would like to use the same features as elixir-mix.el serves. elixir-mix.el will not be maintained in the future.


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Integration of Elixir's building and deployment tool: mix into Emacs.



elixir-mix.el is available on both community maintained repositories - Marmalade and MELPA. Just run M-x package-install [RET] elixir-mix [RET] inside your emacs and you're ready to go.

If you're not already using ELPA, check the emacswiki page to get familiar with it.


(add-to-list 'load-path "~/path/to/elixir-mix.el/")
(require 'elixir-mix)
(global-elixir-mix-mode) ;; enable elixir-mix


Command (For the M-x prompt.) Description
global-elixir-mix-mode enable or disable elixir-mix.el
elixir-mix-new Create a new Elixir application.
elixir-mix-test Run the whole Elixir application test suite.
elixir-mix-test-this-buffer Run the current buffer through mix test command.
elixir-mix-test-file Run a file through mix test command.
elixir-mix-test-at-point Run the test at point.
elixir-mix-compile Compile the whole Elixir application.
elixir-mix-run Runs the given expression in the Elixir application context.
elixir-mix-deps-with-prompt Prompt for mix deps commands.
elixir-mix-local-with-prompt Prompt for mix local commands.
elixir-mix-local-install Prompt for mix local.install PATH or URL.
elixir-mix-local-install-with-path Runs mix local.install and prompt for a PATH as argument.
elixir-mix-local-install-with-url Runs mix local.install and prompt for a URL as argument.
elixir-mix-help Show help output for a specific mix command.
elixir-mix-execute Run any command in the context of the application.


elixir-mix-command Path to the executable mix shell command.

(setq elixir-mix-command "/usr/local/bin/mix")

elixir-mix-buffer-name Name of the buffer used for mix shell output.

(setq elixir-mix-buffer-name "*mix*")

Contributions are very welcome!

  1. Fork elixir-mix.el
  2. Create a topic branch - git checkout -b my_branch
  3. Push to your branch - git push origin my_branch
  4. Send me a pull-request for your topic branch
  5. That's it!
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