You need a brochure, made of folded A4 papers. Write as you normally would and get here the printing order.
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A simple webapp to ease brochure printing

Administering church services I sometimes need to print leaflets with hymn lyrics and/or details on the liturgy.

Usually it's printed in A4 papers being folded to hold the contents on A5 pages.

I'd write all down in proper order, select 2 pages on one paper and duplex long edge in the printer properties.

Then I'd give the order for the pages to be printed in. This usually involves a lot of thinking and calculating.

So I made this webapp. You enter the number of your pages (which needs to be a multiple of 4) and get the order in which the pages need to be printed so you have all neatly on foldable A4 sheets to make an A5 brochure.

You can easily copy the string to your clipboard to paste it into your printer's page order text field.