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📕 Example awesome wm configuration. Includes personalization support (personal.vim), theme, polyglot unicode taglists, mpd support.

Version: Awesome 3.4.10 Awesome Homepage:

Beta testing: Awesome 3.5 is being tested in the v3.5 branch. It is experimental, if you have any problems feel free to file an issue.

Based off of Adrian C's awesome config.

The aim of this project is to create a robust awesome configuration that works out of the box with minimal configuration.

Looking for maintainer

I've recently switched to i3wm, this configuration needs a new maintainer to handle v3.5 support and onward. If you are interested make an issue.


  • Modkey + Shift + Enter is Terminal
  • Modkey + Control + r is reload rc.lua
  • Modkey + t to attach/detach window from tiles
  • Modkey + shift + t to toggle titlebars
  • Battery widget - autodetects if you have battery, adds widget
  • Network widget - pick your devices, eth0 for ethernet, wlan0 for wireless or custom
  • Number taglists in various number systems - arabic (1,2,3...), chinese
  • mpd widget - autodetects if song player, adds widget (requires curl)
  • Random background picker (requires feh)



To use this configuration, git clone this, and mv awesome-config to ~/.config/awesome

  • cd ~/.config; git clone awesome
  • cd ~/.config/awesome
  • git submodule init && git submodule update - download vicious module

Try the one liner:

git clone ~/.config/awesome && cd ~/.config/awesome && git submodule init && git submodule update && less ~/.config/awesome/

If you are using awesome version 3.5 (beta, in testing), then do:

  • cd ~/.config/awesome
  • git checkout v3.5

Version 3.5 is in testing in the 3.5 branch.


Create a file called personal.lua in ~/.config/awesome. Here are some things you can place in your ~/.config/awesome/personal.lua file:

terminal = 'xterm' -- can be app in path, or full path e.g. /usr/bin/xterm
editor = "vim"

wallpaper_dir = os.getenv("HOME") .. "/yourwallpaper_dir/" -- grabs a random bg

taglist_numbers = "arabic" -- we support arabic (1,2,3...),
-- arabic, chinese, {east|persian}_arabic, roman, thai, random

cpugraph_enable = true -- show CPU graph
cputext_format = " $1%" -- %1 average cpu, %[2..] every other thread individually

membar_enable = true -- show memory bar
memtext_format = " $1%" -- %1 percentage, %2 used %3 total %4 free

date_format = "%a %m/%d/%Y %l:%M%p" -- refer to specifiers

networks = {'eth0', 'wlan0'} -- Add your devices network interface here netwidget, only show one that works


You can use Mod + Control + r to reload configuation.


Create a file called autorun.lua in ~/.config/awesome.

First is the binary of the app, the second is the arguments. So to load xscreensaver -no-splash we do: run_once("xscreensaver", "-no-splash").

run_once("xscreensaver", "-no-splash")         -- starts screensaver daemon 
run_once("xsetroot", "-cursor_name left_ptr")  -- sets the cursor icon

--run_once("redshift", "-o -l 0:0 -b 0.5 -t 6500:6500") -- brightness
run_once("ibus-daemon", "--xim") -- ibus
run_once(os.getenv("HOME") .. "/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd") -- dropbox
run_once("nm-applet") -- networking

run_once("wmname", "LG3D") -- java fix

run_once("sh " .. os.getenv("HOME") .. "/.screenlayout/") -- set screens up

Optional stuff

Terminus is a crisp font pleasant to the eyes.

  • FreeBSD: cd /usr/ports/x11-fonts/terminus-font/ && make install clean or pkg_add -r terminus-font
  • ArchLinux: pacman -S terminus-font
  • Debian / Ubuntu: apt-get install xfonts-terminus
  • Gentoo: emerge -av media-fonts/terminus-font
  • Fedora / CentOS / Redhat: yum install terminus-fonts

In Arch, you may have to edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and have your font dir to be scanned:

Section "Files"
    FontPath     "/usr/share/fonts/local"

You may also want to:

  • cd /etc/fonts/conf.d
  • ln -sf ../conf.avail/10-autohint.conf ./
  • ln -sf ../conf.avail/70-yes-bitmaps.conf ./

Then restart X.

by Tony Narlock (

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