Advanced Minecraft Interface and Data/Structure Tracking
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What is Amidst?

Amidst is a tool to display an overview of a Minecraft world, without actually creating it.

Amidst can:

  • render an overview of a world from a given seed and Minecraft version
  • save an image of the map
  • use a save game
  • display biome information
  • display slime chunks
  • display end islands
  • display the following structures
    • world spawn
    • strongholds
    • villages
    • witch huts
    • jungle temples
    • desert temples
    • igloos
    • abandoned mine shafts
    • ocean monuments
    • nether fortresses
    • end cities

Amidst cannot:

  • display changes that were applied to a save game like
    • changes made by world editors like MCEdit
    • changes made while loading the world in Minecraft
  • find individual blocks or mobs like
    • diamond ore
    • cows

Amidst has found a new home

Amidst was moved to a new location, since Skidoodle aka skiphs is too busy to maintain it. It has also found some new developers. One of them is DrFrankenstone, a.k.a. Treer, who is the developer of AmidstExporter. Skidoodle is still an owner of Amidst and agreed to move the project.


What is my internet connection used for?

  • Amidst will use web services provided by Mojang, e.g. to
    • display information about Minecraft versions.
    • display information about players like the name or the skin.
  • Amidst will check for updates on every start.
  • Amidst will not track you with Google Analytics, which was the case in older versions.

Legal Information

  • Amidst is not owned by or related to Mojang in any way.
  • Amidst comes with absolutely no warranty.
  • Amidst is free and open source software, licensed under the GPLv3.


These screenshots are created from the seed 24922 using Amidst v4.0 and Minecraft 1.9.


The End Dimension

The End Dimension

Biome Highlighter

Biome Highlighter



Slime Chunks

Slime Chunks