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added a 'notes' section for the UNQUOTED_ATTR_VALUE error.

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toolness committed Apr 12, 2012
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@@ -163,6 +163,15 @@ <h3>JavaScript Code</h3>
"start": 9
+ <h3>Notes</h3>
+ <p>The HTML5 specification actually allows unquoted attribute
+ values, so long as they don't have spaces in them. However,
+ this isn't commonly done outside of minifying HTML. Furthermore, by
+ complicating the standard, our predictions about the user's
+ intent also become ambiguous, which results in more cryptic
+ and confusing error messages. By choosing to enforce monotony, we
+ ease the learning process and provide more helpful
+ errors.</p>
<div class="test">
<script type="text/x-bad-html">

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