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@Gargron Gargron released this Oct 10, 2019 · 109 commits to master since this release




  • Add tootctl media usage command (Gargron)
  • Add admin setting to auto-approve trending hashtags (Gargron, Gargron)


  • Change tootctl media refresh to skip already downloaded attachments (Gargron)


  • Remove auto-silence behaviour from spam check (Gargron)
  • Remove HTML lang attribute from individual statuses in web UI (Gargron)
  • Remove fallback to long description on sidebar and meta description (Gargron)


  • Fix preloaded JSON-LD context for identity not being used (Gargron)
  • Fix media editing modal changing dimensions once the image loads (Gargron)
  • Fix not showing whether a custom emoji has a local counterpart in admin UI (Gargron)
  • Fix attachment not being re-downloaded even if file is not stored (Gargron)
  • Fix old migration trying to use new column due to default status scope (Gargron)
  • Fix column back button missing for not found accounts (trwnh)
  • Fix issues with tootctl's parallelization and progress reporting (Gargron, Gargron)
  • Fix existing user records with now-renamed pt locale (Gargron)
  • Fix hashtag timeline REST API accepting too many hashtags (Gargron)
  • Fix GET /api/v1/instance REST APIs being unavailable in secure mode (Gargron)
  • Fix performance of home feed regeneration and merging (Gargron)
  • Fix ffmpeg performance issues due to stdout buffer overflow (hugogameiro)
  • Fix S3 adapter retrying failing uploads with exponential backoff (Gargron)
  • Fix tootctl accounts cull advertising unused option flag (Kjwon15)

Upgrade notes

As always, make sure you have backups of the database before performing any upgrades. If you are using docker-compose, this is how a backup command might look: docker exec mastodon_db_1 pg_dump -Fc -U postgres postgres > name_of_the_backup.dump

Non-Docker only:

  • Install dependencies: bundle install and yarn install

Both Docker and non-Docker:

  1. Run the database migrations:
    • Non-Docker: RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails db:migrate
    • Docker: docker-compose run --rm web rails db:migrate
  2. Precompile the assets:
    • Non-Docker: RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails assets:precompile
    • Docker: The assets are already precompiled during the build step
  3. Restart all Mastodon processes


  • oɹʇuʞ (Spanish, Argentina)
  • Ramdziana F Y (Indonesian)
  • Oguz Ersen (Turkish)
  • koyu (German)
  • Osoitz (Basque)
  • ButterflyOfFire (Arabic; French)
  • ωιℓℓιαмⁿ (Spanish)
  • lamnatos (Greek)
  • christalleras (Norwegian Nynorsk)
  • Aditoo17 (Czech)
  • cybergene (Japanese)
  • Berrahed (Swedish)
  • Xosé M. (Galician)
  • Stasiek Michalski (Polish)
  • Cutls (Japanese)
  • Maya Minatsuki (Japanese)
  • Jeong Arm (Esperanto; Korean; Japanese)
  • Zoltán Gera (Hungarian)
  • Thai Localization (Thai)
  • Masoud Abkenar (Persian)
  • FédiQuébec (French)
  • Sasha Sorokin (Russian)
  • borys_sh (Ukrainian)
  • Marek Ľach (Slovak)
  • ThibG (French)
  • Jeroen (Dutch)
  • Sokratis Alichanidis (Greek)
  • spla (Catalan)
  • Alix Rossi (Corsican)
  • Malik Mann (German)
  • Saederup92 (Danish)
  • Diluns (Occitan)
  • frumble (German)
  • Roboron (Spanish)
  • liffon (Swedish)
  • PifyZ (French)
  • 硫酸鶏 (Japanese)
  • Rikard Linde (Swedish)
  • Tagomago (Spanish)
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