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Hello World of how to use Spock in unit tests, using Gradle.
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Topera's Hello World #004

Spock configured with Gradle

This hello world shows a unit test executed in Spock.

  • Test classes are groovy files in src/test/groovy folder.
  • Production code are java files in src/main/java folder.

How to download this source code

  • Install Gradle
  • Use the Clone or download button above the get the url of this repository
  • In IntelliJ IDEA: File → New → Project From Version Control → Git → put the url of this repository

How to test

  • $ cd gradle-spock
  • $ gradle test
  • The test will fail on purpose. Open the HTML report generated in ./build/reports/tests/test/index.html

Tech Stack

  • Intellij IDEA 2016.1.4
  • Gradle 4.0.0
  • Java 8
  • Spock 1.1

Folder Structure


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