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Public releases for sejda-desktop and PDFsam Visual
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  • Merge tool can now merge images (png, tiff, jpeg, bmp, gif) together with PDF files
  • Better feedback in case of existing output file and FAIL as output policy
  • Added an option to automatically populate the output field with the parent directory of the selected PDF file
  • Added a context menu to most of the tools, to allow the user to quickly set the output field same as one of the input files
  • Handling of special chars in Split by bookmarks -> Bookmarks containing text field
  • Added a --clean command line argument to clear user preferences and license key
  • Upgraded PDF engine
  • Upgraded PDF rendering engine
  • Upgraded Electron


  • Upgraded PDF engine
  • Extract text doesn't fail in case of a batch extraction and one file of the batch doesn't have any text
  • Added 32-bits bundles for Windows


  • Fixed an issue with UNC paths on Windows


  • Delete pages task to signal show an error when run with no pages left
  • Added a CTRL + d shortcut to remove pages selection
  • Better handling of UNC paths on Windows
  • Updated translations
  • Upgraded PDF engine
  • Upgraded PDF rendering engine


  • Moved env variable to system space. Added a USER_LICENSE_KEY to the MSI properties to install the license key as a user env variable
  • Added [TOTAL_FILESNUMBER] to the possible prefixes
  • Updated German translation


  • Added Delete pages task
  • Added Convert to grayscale task
  • Added Extract text task
  • Added Repair task
  • New application look
  • Rotate task can now be used on multiple input PDF files
  • Upgraded PDF engine
  • Upgraded PDF rendering engine
  • Localization completely reviewed and updated
  • Diminished the overall size of the application
  • Added button to open the generated PDF file using the native PDF reader
  • Improved user interface for the Extract pages task
  • Added a Discard bookmarks option to Extract pages, Split by size, Split by bookmarks, Split by text
  • Improved user interface for the Rotate task
  • Added merge option to consider the first file as a cover when generating a ToC
  • Improved user interface for the Crop pages task
  • Added Ends with field to split by text
  • Improved user interface for the Split task
  • Added manual proxy configuration to the settings panel
  • Language combo to properly show the default language
  • Encrypted passwords for PDF file when saving tasks parameters to output file
  • Added a number of keyboard shortcuts
  • Fixed split by text selection when moving among pages with Next and Prev buttons
  • Fixed enabling and disabling (first page, last page) of Next and Prev buttons in split by text
  • Added a Log Viewer window to show application errors
  • MSI now installs env variables in user space and removes them on uninstall
  • Added a .zip portable bundle


  • Fixes bug in Encrypt task


  • Updates PDF engine.
  • Fixed a permission issue on Linux.


  • Updates PDF engine.
  • Updates EULA.


  • Adds support for porxy configuration.
  • Updates underlying PDF library.


  • Adds Italian translation.
  • Adds Spanish translation.
  • Adds German translation.


  • Moves config location on Windows from %USERPROFILE% to %APPDATA%.
  • Updates Encrypt task adding more permissions.
  • Updates underlying PDF library, includes many minor bug fixes.
  • Fixes bug related to handling different files with the same name.
  • Adds Portuguese translation.
  • Remembers customised result filenames.


  • Fixes bug related to activating the product


  • Natural sorting of filenames (1.pdf, 2.pdf, 10.pdf, 11.pdf) for merge and combine & reorder tasks.
  • Larger magnifier zoom (8x).
  • Batch (multiple files) support for the Split by pages task
  • Smaller bugfixes and improvements.


  • Visual page composer for combining and reordering PDF pages
  • Select file or folder output location, for each task
  • After trial ends PDFsam Visual is free to use within daily limits. Upgrade for premium features and unlimited use.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements


  • Improves French translation


  • Adds French language support


  • Minor fixes and improvements, updates credits section.


  • Fixes a critical bug that can lead to missing data.
  • Upgrades the PDF engine with various bug fixes and enhancements


  • Includes bugfix for pre-activated silent installs in enterprise environments


  • 14-day trial
  • Includes various bugfixes for existing tasks


  • Includes various bugfixes for existing tasks.
  • Adds support for pre-activated silent installs in enterprise environments.
  • Added context menu to easily select, unselect, invert selection


  • Improved size of smaller monitors
  • Fixed permissions related failures.
  • Improved combine and reorder task with multiple page drag and drop, simpler page delete.
  • Filename patterns are now remembered.
  • Fixed bug related to filenames with accented characters on Windows, other Windows related stability improvements.
  • Better handling of large files, increased available memory pool to 1Gb.
  • Upgraded sejda-console


  • Added Split by text task
  • Upgraded PDFjs with corrected cmaps folder
  • Upgraded sejda-console
  • Upgraded icons
  • Fixed the encrypt task failing with AES256
  • Hide purchase menu item for PRO users


  • Added Crop
  • Added rotation to the Combine and Reorder task
  • Added a scroll to top tag
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