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A metalsmith plugin to create dedicated pages for tags in provided in metalsmith pages.

NOTE: looking for new maintainers of this project. please consult this issue for discussion.


$ npm install metalsmith-tags

Description in Pages

In your pages:

title: This is page with tags
tags: tagged, page, metalsmith, plugin

Hello World

You can use different handle for the tags, by configuring the handle option. tags is the default.

CLI Usage

Install the node modules and then add the metalsmith-tags key to your metalsmith.json plugins. The simplest use case just requires tag handle you want to use:

  "plugins": {
    "metalsmith-tags": {
      "handle": "tags",
      "path": "topics/:tag.html",
      "layout": "/partials/tag.hbt",
      /* Can also use deprecated template property.
      "template": "/partials/tag.hbt",
      "normalize": true,
      "sortBy": "date",
      "reverse": true,
      "skipMetadata": false,
      "slug": {
        "mode": "rfc3986"

JavaScript Usage

Pass the plugin to Metalsmith#use:

var tags = require('metalsmith-tags');

    // yaml key for tag list in you pages
    handle: 'tags',
    // path for result pages
    // layout to use for tag listing
    // Can also use `template` property for use with the (deprecated)
    // metalsmith-templates plugin. The `template` property is deprecated here
    // as well but still available for use.
    // template:'/partials/tag.hbt',
    // ------
    // Normalize special characters like ØçßÜ to their ASCII equivalents ocssü
    // makes use of the value assigned to the 'slug' property below
    normalize: true,
    // provide posts sorted by 'date' (optional)
    sortBy: 'date',
    // sort direction (optional)
    reverse: true,
    // skip updating metalsmith's metadata object.
    // useful for improving performance on large blogs
    // (optional)
    skipMetadata: false,
    // Use a non-default key in the metadata. Useful if you you want to
    // have two sets of tags in different sets with metalsmith-branch.
    metadataKey: "category",
    // Any options you want to pass to the [slug]( package.
    // Can also supply a custom slug function.
    // slug: function(tag) { return tag.toLowerCase() }
    slug: {mode: 'rfc3986'}


This will generate topics/[tagname].html pages in your build directory with array of pagination.files objects on which you can iterate on. You can use tag for tag name in your layouts. (You can refer to tests folder for tags layout.)

The tags property on your pages will remain, but it will be modified to an array of objects containing a name and slug property for each tag.

You can use metalsmith-permalink to customize the permalink of the tag pages as you would do with anything else.

It is possible to use opts.metadataKey for defining the name of the global tag list. By default it is 'tags'.

Normalized characters

Handle with care. This is to be seen rather as a fallback as it heavily depends on your 'slug' settings. If you use the standard setting provided in this readme (rfc3986), you should be good to go. Should fix issue #48.


Additionally you can paginate your tag pages. To do so add two additional properties to your configuration object, pathPage and perPage, and modify path to point to the root pagination location:

  "handle": "tags",
  "path": "topics/:tag/index.html",
  "pathPage": "topics/:tag/:num/index.html",
  "perPage": 6,
  "layout": "/partials/tag.hbt",
  /* Can also use deprecated template property.
  "template": "/partials/tag.hbt",
  "sortBy": "date",
  "reverse": true,
  "skipMetadata": false,
  "slug": {
    "mode": "rfc3986"

This will paginate your array of tags so that 6 appear per page, with additional tag pages being nested underneath the first page of tags. For additional details please look at the tests.


Feel free to contribute to this plug-in. Fork, commit, send pull request. Issues, suggestions and bugs are more than welcome.

In case you add functionality, please write corresponding test. Test using npm test.





A metalsmith plugin to create dedicated pages for tags in posts or pages.







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