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MeTA Studio is programmable IDE tailored for a computational chemist.

(This project was orginally hosted at:, has moved to GitHub as Google Code is closing down.)

Main features include:

  • A programmable interface primarily through BeanShell with support for other languages
  • Workspace support
  • Visualization and Rendering (through JRman)
  • Support for 3-D scalar field visualization
  • Access to embedded Jmol and its libraries
  • Access to parts or modifications of quantumj and mathutils libraries (hosted on for Quantum Chemical calculations
  • Support for Divide and Conquer type algorithms for large scale Quantum Chemical calculations
  • A peer-to-peer networking interface for grouping instances of MeTA studio running on multiple machines to perform varied tasks including computation, rendering and collaboration

To be included:

  • A new Mathematica type interface tailored for computational chemistry
  • A collaborative environment for interaction among computational chemists working on similar problems

Ahead in future:

  • MeTA Studio is not meant to be restricted for use in Computational Chemistry domain, although currently it is more focused towards it. I expect many frameworks in MeTA Studio to expand on to other computational science(s) in near future, with hopefully strong contributions from experts in other fields.
  • I envisage MeTA Studio to be a complete platform for doing computational science, whether it be as a tool, as a programming platform for building new scientific applications, or even as a teaching aid.

Installation and other information:


  • Gave a talk at eResearch Australasia' 09. Have got some pretty interesting feedback here, will be blogging more about these in coming days, which may have quite an impact in the direction that MeTA Studio will head in longer time. The official page is here The slides are here
  • Gave a lightning demo-cum-talk on Talk capabilities of MeTA Studio at OzLabs unconference'09. The (un) slides are here.
  • Happy to say that a report describing MeTA Studio is published in J. Comput. Chem. (Volume 30, Pages 661 - 672, 2009). I hope that this brings in more developers and users for the MeTA Studio platform!


MeTA Studio was originally licensed under LGPL. I am now, re-licensing the whole code base of MeTA Studio under MIT license. Moving forward, the new distribution license of MeTA Studio will be MIT license (

Since the original hosting of MeTA Studio project was on Google code, which has since shut down, and has listed all its projects as "archived", I won't be able to change the licensing information there.


If you use MeTA Studio in a research publication, you may cite the following:

"MeTA studio: A cross platform, programmable IDE for computational chemist", V. Ganesh, J. Comput. Chem., 30, 661 (2009). (Web:


MeTA Studio is programmable IDE tailored for a computational chemist.






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