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OpenCASCADE Community Edition (OCE): a community driven fork of the Open CASCADE library.


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oce (Open Cascade community Edition) is a fork of the Open Cascade 3D c++ modeling library. This project aims at gathering patches/changes/improvements from the OCC community. Official OCCT documentation and sources are available at

How is this project page structured ?

There are 4 main branches:

  1. upstream/master is a mirror of the official OpenCascade git repository master branch. Both are updated about once a week. Note that you need to sign a CLA to access the upstream repository, even in read only mode, otherwise you only have a gitweb access to the source. First commit is the snapshot of the 7.4.0 release.

  2. oce/patches contains community patches. oce/patches is rebased on top of upstream/master each time it is updated. oce/patches is set as the default branch in the github project settings.

  3. azure-ci contains programs to build oce on a MS Azure pipeline. azure-ci is

  4. official-upstream-packages is an empty branch (dos not contain any source), also known as an orphan branch. It is a container for copies of official source and binary packages. This allows anonymous download of official packages, whereas upstream webstie requires to be logged in to start any download.


Since official 7.4.0, all upstream tags are mirrored using the upstream/ prefix (e.g. the 7_4_0p1 upstream tag is available as upstream/7_4_0p1 on this repository).

Download latest release

oce has not released any recent version after upstream 7.5.0 was released.

OCE documentation

Read the official upstream documentation for 7.5.0 release, at:

OCE community

We use the following online resources:

To request write access to the repository, just ask @tpaviot (


OCE has the same license as OCCT; since OCCT 6.7.0 (OCE-0.16.x), you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 as published by the Free Software Foundation, with special exception defined in the file OCCT_LGPL_EXCEPTION.txt. See LICENSE_LGPL_21.txt for the full license text.

OCE history

The oce project was started in 2011.