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Open CASCADE Community Edition: patches/improvements/experiments contributed by users over the official Open CASCADE library.
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FetchBundle.bat Enabling new oce-win-bundle build system
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oce is a C++ 3D modeling library. It can be used to develop CAD/CAM softwares, for instance FreeCad or IfcOpenShell.

oce stands for opencascade community edition. This project aims at gathering patches/ changes/ improvements from the OCC community over the latest release (currently OCCT 6.8.0). Official OCCT documentation and sources are available at, you can also theck their development portal at

Download latest release

You can download source code as well as precompiled binaries for windows at:

oce-0.17 (March 2015)

OCE history

Below are listed all the oce release since the beginning of the project, the OCCT matching version, as well as ABI Change if any (an ABI change means that OCE binaries are not compatible with previous ones).

OCE release number ABI Change OCE release date OCCT version
0.17 Yes March 2015 6.8.0
0.16.1 No November 2014 6.7.1
0.16 Yes July 2014 6.7.1
0.15 Yes February 2014 6.7.0
0.14.1 No January 2014 6.6.0
0.14 No December 2013 6.6.0
0.13 Yes September 2013 6.6.0
0.12 Yes March 2013 6.5.2
0.11 Yes December 2012 6.5.4
0.10 Yes June 2012 6.5.3
0.9.1 No January 2012 6.5.2
0.9.0 No January 2012 6.5.2
0.8.0 No December 2011 6.5.1
0.7.0 No October 2011 6.5.1
0.6.0 No September 2011 6.5.1
0.5.0 No August 2011 6.5.1
0.4.0 No July 2011 6.5.0
0.3.0 No June 2011 6.5.0
0.2.0 No May 2011 6.5.0
0.1.0 First public release April 2011 6.5.0

OCE community

We use the following online resources:

Just ask @tpaviot ( or @dbarbier ( for a request regarding write access to the repository.

Get the source and compile

  • Create a local copy of the github repository:
$ git clone git://
  • Stay to date with latests developements:
$ cd oce
$ git pull
  • Compile:

Read file for instructions on compiling for Unix (for both Linux and MacOSX users).Windows users should read if they use Mingw or if they prefer MSVC compiler.


OCE has the same license as OCCT; since OCCT 6.7.0 (OCE-0.16.x), you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 as published by the Free Software Foundation, with special exception defined in the file OCCT_LGPL_EXCEPTION.txt. See LICENSE_LGPL_21.txt for the full license text.

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