@dbarbier dbarbier released this Sep 22, 2013 · 638 commits to master since this release

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This version is not binary compatible with OCE 0.12, OCE_ABI_SOVERSION
was incremented.

  • Upgraded to OCCT 6.6.0
  • Fix handling of paths containing non-ASCII characters in DRAWEXE.
  • Define Standard_Boolean as a bool, and no more as a Standard_Integer
    as is done in OCCT.
  • Make myFMMgr member of Standard_MMgrFactory class private, it does not
    have to be public.
  • Build system improvements and additions
    • Fix build failures on Hurd, mingw-w64 and Mac OSX 10.5.
    • Fix build with gcc when using -std=c++11 flag.
    • Fix build failures with Borland compiler.
    • Move duplicate header files from inc/ into src/.
    • Build QADraw module only if OCE_TESTING is set.
    • Improve bundle usage to allow running tests.
    • Reorganize top-level source directory: move *.bat and *.sh scripts
      into a scripts/ directory, and move CMake files into adm/cmake/config/.
    • Add a CMake option to allow building TKService without font support,
      if visualization is not needed.
    • Let CMake GUI display OCE_BUILD_TYPE as a combo box.
  • Several warning fixes detected by static analysis and compilers

Users who contributed to this release:
Thomas Paviot, QbProg, Jake, Fotios Sioutis, Denis Barbier, David Sankel