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debian goodies: improved checkrestart, added restart-services
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examples add restart-services logging
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popbugs Imported Debian version 0.48
popbugs.1 Imported Debian version 0.29
restart-services drop #process != #services check
restart-services.1 Enable check no_procs=no_services with switch -a
which-pkg-broke merge with upstream
which-pkg-broke.1 Imported Debian version 0.30


There is no substantial documentation yet.  Volunteer authors are
more than welcome.  Here are some examples to get you started.

# Search all files in specified packages for a regex
$ dgrep <pattern> <package>...

# Search through all files in all installed packages for a regex
$ dgrep <pattern> '.*'

# Same, but also search inside compressed files
$ dzgrep <pattern> '.*'

# Calculate the total disk space usage of all files contained in all
# installed packages whose names begin with 'lib'
$ dglob -0f ^lib | xargs -0 du -c | awk '{sum += $1} END {print sum}'

# Fetch most recent version of package
$ debget <package>

# Fetch a specific version of package
$ debget <package>=<version>
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