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Show status flag of repo in statusline #219

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elien122 commented Jul 3, 2012

This is customizing the fugitive statusline for showing status flags which indicate current repository status.
like $(__git_ps1) of git-completion.bash in linux shell.

I wrote this tweak a couple of month ago just for my taste.
By chance i stopped by your github site, and i saw someone who needs this feature.
(issue #206, #197)

Tested on WinXP-x86, Ubuntu- Vim version on both platform is 7.3.566
I hope this will help.

elien122 added some commits Jul 4, 2012
@elien122 elien122 Show status flag of repo in statusline
Status flags of .git repository are shown next to the branch name as

Try to mimic '$(__git_ps1 " (%s)")' of 'git-completion.bash'

  # dirty_flag - '*': modified, but not staged flag
                 '+': staged (to be committed) flag
  # stash_flag - '$': something is stashed
  # untracked  - '%': there're untracked files

In vim, checking repo_status is done by calling 'git' externally,
vim-user can be tormented with severe performance degradations.
Accordingly, makes status checking as less as possible - only when
.git/index is modified, and files in .git work tree are modified.

To enable this feature, declare below variables somewhere in vimrc

    let g:fugitive_stl_showdirtystate = 1
    let g:fugitive_stl_showstashstate = 1
    let g:fugitive_stl_showuntrackedfiles = 1
@elien122 elien122 Combine repo_state variables into one Dictionary
Several variables which contain the repo status are combined into single

Also, git_index_mod_time_old gets changed its type into buffer(b:) due
to support the situation when multiple 'index' files exist in one work
tree, such as submodule.
@stardiviner stardiviner commented on the diff Oct 2, 2012
@@ -12,6 +12,21 @@ if !exists('g:fugitive_git_executable')
let g:fugitive_git_executable = 'git'
+"initialize variables for repo_status_flag on statusline
+" to enable status_flag feature declare below 'g:fugitive_stl_show...' variables somewhere in your vimrc setting
+let s:repo_state = {'dirty': {'unstaged': '' , 'staged': ''}, 'stash': '' , 'untracked': ''}
stardiviner added a note Oct 2, 2012

Seems there are some status not implemented ?? check out here

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blueyed commented Dec 13, 2014

Do you still use this? Have you improved it?

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