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Install Node Package Manager (npm)

Setup Ionic

$ npm install -g cordova ionic

To install the plugins, navigate to root folder and execute:

$ ./

Install angular-elastic for text-area in the Notes page.

$ bower install angular-elastic

Add elastic.js in index file. Should be installed in www/lib/angular-elastic Include 'monospaced.elastic' in the controller dependency

Add additional plugins as required, ngCordova is the recommended lib for using cordova plugins.

For building the app:

$ ionic platform add ios (this only needs to be done once)
$ ionic build ios

For opening the app in the xcode simulator (Has active communication with couch):

$ ionic emulate 

For emulating the app in a browser, from inside the project directory (Has live updates but, cannot communicate with couch)

$ ionic serve

To test the project on iPhone, open the xcode project file in xcode, check the parameters, and deploy. Project file location: TummyTrails > platforms > ios > TummyTrials.xcodeproj

Try using Ionic components for all UI elements:

For making changes to the Ionic theme use SASS:

Try to follow the recommended style guide here:

For generating app icons and splash screen. Place icon and splash screen file and autogenerate all the variations If xcode throws an error for icon file path follow instructions at

Temporary bug: When adding a platform to the project, if you get a build error regarding duplicate symbol _UIApplicationRegisterUserNotificationSettings, delete the AppDelegate+APPRegisterUserNotificationSettings.m file under Plugins in Xcode

For updating/adding to ioniocons follow instructions at (fontforge should be the only missing dependence - installed via brew)

Once the svg has been copied to the folder tummy-trials/TummyTrials/www/lib/ionicons/src run the following commands:

navigate to tummy-trials/TummyTrials/www/lib/ionicons

$ python ./builder/

navigate back to tummy-trials/TummyTrials

$ sudo ionic setup sass

add back your custom css after above command, which removes it from your index.html

Upon doing so, make sure to delete the TummyTrials/www/lib/ionicons/builder/scripts/sfnt2woff file before packaging for xcode.

Current version info:

Check version for ngCordova lib and cordova platform using

bower ngCordova -v
cordova -v
cordova platform list

Versions should look like following. Make sure cordova ios platform version is not 4+

ngCordova 1.6.5
cordova 6.0.0
cordova ios platform 3.9.2

To check versions of various cordova plugins use

cordova plugin help 

Current versions are below

com.couchbase.lite.phonegap 1.1.1 "Couchbase Lite"
cordova-plugin-app-event 1.1.0 "Application Events"
cordova-plugin-console 1.0.2 "Console"
cordova-plugin-datepicker 0.9.3 "DatePicker"
cordova-plugin-device 1.1.0 "Device"
cordova-plugin-statusbar 2.0.0 "StatusBar"
de.appplant.cordova.common.registerusernotificationsettings 1.0.1 "RegisterUserNotificationSettings"
de.appplant.cordova.plugin.badge 0.7.1 "Cordova Badge Plugin"
de.appplant.cordova.plugin.local-notification 0.8.4 "LocalNotification"
ionic-plugin-keyboard 1.0.8 "Keyboard"


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