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@SlicedSilver SlicedSilver released this 04 Oct 12:57
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Version 4.1 of Lightweight Charts introduces exciting new features, including the introduction of Plugins, which provide developers the ability to extend the library's functionality. Additionally, this release includes enhancements to customize the horizontal scale and various minor improvements and bug fixes.

Major Updates


Developers can now leverage the power of Plugins in Lightweight Charts. Two types of Plugins are supported -  Custom Series and Drawing Primitives, offering the ability to define new series types and create custom visualizations, drawing tools, and annotations.

With the flexibility provided by these plugins, developers can create highly customizable charting applications for their users.

To get started with plugins, please refer to our Plugins Documentation for a better understanding of what is possible and how plugins work. You can also explore our collection of plugin examples (with a preview hosted here) for inspiration and guidance on implementing specific functionality.

To help you get started quickly, we have created an NPM package called create-lwc-plugin, which sets up a plugin project for you. This way, you can hit the ground running with your plugin development.

Horizontal Scale Customization

The horizontal scale is no longer restricted to only time-based values. The API has been extended to allow customization of the horizontal scale behavior, and enable uses cases like options chart where price values are displayed in the horizontal scale. The most common use-case would be to customise the tick marks behaviour.

The createChartEx function should be used instead of the usual createChart function, and an instance of a class implementing IHorzScaleBehavior should be provided.

A simple example can be found in this test case: horizontal-price-scale.js



  • Added point markers styling option for line-based series. (closes #365) Docs
  • Added double click subscriber for the main chart pane. (closes #1385) Docs
  • Added setCrosshairPosition API, allowing programmatic setting of the crosshair position. (fixes #1198, #1163, #438) Docs
  • Added an option to disable crosshair. Introduced the Hidden option in the CrosshairMode setting. (closes #749, thanks to @luk707) Docs
  • Allow overriding tick mark label length via the tickMarkMaxCharacterLength option. (closes #1396) Docs
  • Support for overriding the percentage formatter within the localization options. (fixes #1328, #1291) Docs
  • Added paneSize getter to IChartApi, returning the dimensions of the chart pane. (issue #1411) Docs
  • Added options to set minimum dimensions for the price and time scales. (closes #1062, related to #1163, #50) Docs, Docs

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed chart layout when direction is set to RTL. (PR #1338)
  • Fixed re-enabling of autoSize after disabling it. (PR #1377)
  • Corrected percentage mode and zero first value. (fixes #1386)
  • Prevent chart shifting when new data replaces existing whitespace. (fixes #1201)

Thanks to our Contributors for this Release:

You can always send us your feedback via GitHub.
We look forward to hearing from you! And as always, happy trading!

Team TradingView

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