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winchecksec performs static detection of common Windows security features.

The following security features are currently detected:

  • ASLR:
    • /DYNAMICBASE with stripped relocation entries edge-case
    • /HIGHENTROPYVA for 64-bit systems
  • Code integrity/signing:
    • Authenticode-signed with a valid (trusted, active) certificate (currently unsupported on Linux)
  • DEP (a.k.a. W^X, NX)
  • Manifest isolation via (/ALLOWISOLATION)
  • Structured Exception Handling and SafeSEH support
  • Control Flow Guard and Return Flow Guard instrumentation
  • Stack cookie (/GS) support


winchecksec depends on pe-parse and uthenticode, which can be installed via vcpkg:

$ vcpkg install pe-parse uthenticode

Building on Linux

$ git clone
$ cd winchecksec
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..
$ cmake --build .
$ ./build/winchecksec

Building on Windows

> git clone
> cd winchecksec
> mkdir build
> cd build
> cmake ..
> cmake --build . --config Release
> .\Release\winchecksec.exe C:\Windows\notepad.exe


As a command-line tool, winchecksec has two output modes: a plain-text mode for easy reading, and a JSON mode for consumption in other programs. The plain-text mode is the default; JSON output is enabled by passing -j:

> .\Release\winchecksec.exe C:\Windows\notepad.exe

Dynamic Base    : "Present"
ASLR            : "Present"
High Entropy VA : "Present"
Force Integrity : "NotPresent"
Isolation       : "Present"
NX              : "Present"
SEH             : "Present"
CFG             : "NotPresent"
RFG             : "NotPresent"
SafeSEH         : "NotApplicable"
GS              : "Present"
Authenticode    : "NotPresent"
.NET            : "NotPresent"

> .\Release\winchecksec.exe -j C:\Windows\notepad.exe

   "path": "C:\\Windows\\notepad.exe",
   "mitigations": {
      "dynamicBase": {
         "presence": "Present",
         "description": "Binaries with dynamic base support can be dynamically rebased, enabling ASLR."
      "rfg": {
         "description": "Binaries with RFG enabled have additional return-oriented-programming protections.",
         "presence": "NotPresent"
      "seh": {
         "description": "Binaries with SEH support can use structured exception handlers.",
         "presence": "Present"
      // ...

The winchecksec CLI only takes one file at a time. To run it on multiple files or entire directories, wrap it in a loop.

winchecksec also provides a C++ API; documentation is hosted here.


winchecksec is formatted with clang-format. You can use the clang-format target to auto-format it locally:

$ make clang-format

winchecksec also comes with a suite of unit tests that use pegoat as a reference for various security mitigations. To build the unit tests, pass -DBUILD_TESTS=1 to the CMake build.

Statistics for different flags across EXEs on Windows 10

Prevalence of various security features on a vanilla Windows 10 (1803) installation:

aslr authenticode cfg dynamicBase forceIntegrity gs highEntropyVA isolation nx rfg safeSEH seh
79% 37% 49% 79% 3% 65% 43% 100% 79% 6% 25% 91%
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