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🍏 🍍 πŸ“ A NativeScript+Vue iOS and Android app for managing grocery lists
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Groceries Vue

Built With NativeScript-Vue

Groceries Vue is an app for managing grocery lists.

Groceries Vue is also a clone of sample-Groceries built with nativescript-vue. It showcases the potential of the NativeScript platform using the Vue.js.

This project uses:

  • Vue.js!
  • Vuex;
  • NativeScript components;
  • NativeScript animation;
  • NativeScript http lib to connect to a backend service;
  • NativeScript nativescript-vue-cli-template (see jiraiya972/nativescript-vue-cli-template/)

Video demo

Groceries-vue video demo


# Install dependencies
npm install

# Build for production
tns build <platform> --bundle

# Build, watch for changes and debug the application
tns debug <platform> --bundle

# Build, watch for changes and run the application
tns run <platform> --bundle
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