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A python PDA implementation
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CS3100 Final Project Specification

Write Python routines to help experiment with non-deterministic push-down automata (we will call them "PDA" for short). Recall that we are studying NPDAs; NPDA and DPDA are not equivalent in the sense of language recognition. You must provide a file/module of function definitions (or use Python classes) that maintain PDA configurations. Users must be able to input PDAs, and an input string. Your program should allow users to pursue specific configurations and move forward expanding the chosen configuration. At any point, the user should be able to generate a PDF of their PDA with the configuration shown below it. You can imitate functionality found in JFLAP with due credits given in your report. All coding should be original work

Project Name


Project Members

Project Goals

  • Implement an NPDA in Python
  • Print NDPA to .dot and .pdf files
  • Step through each possibility at the same time
  • Provide an interface for the user to input their own NPDA
  • Validate NPDAs, warning if not valid

Work Accomplished So Far

  • Website
  • Goal outlines
  • Design
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