Bash and .bat scripts, frequently used extensions, XML catalog for XML Calabash
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Bash and .bat scripts, frequently used extensions, XML catalog for XML Calabash.

You can check out the whole thing using

git clone --recursive calabash

transpect projects usually have their Calabash runtime attached as a submodule or as an svn external. It typically resides in a subdirectory calabash of the project. If the project directory is ${pdu} (in oXygen notation), the Calabash frontend will use an XML catalog ${pdu}/xmlcatalog/catalog.xml by default. This contains <nextCatalog> instructions that read the catalogs of the transpect libraries that the project uses. Catalog resolution is important since the XProc, XSLT, font, … files within the modules will only be addressed by their canonical locations (typically starting with http//

Attaching this and its submodules as a submodule to a git repo works like this:

git submodule add calabash --recursive
git submodule update --recursive --init

If you are using this from an svn-based project, you need to incorporate no less than 5 externals. This is partly because Calabash now is modularized but mainly because we cannot stick svn:externals properties to github projects.

The externals are: calabash calabash/distro calabash/extensions/transpect/unzip-extension calabash/extensions/transpect/rng-extension calabash/extensions/transpect/image-props-extension

You can add more externals under calabash/extensions if you need other Calabash extensions, or just put them anywhere you like. In each case, make sure to add the corresponding classpaths to the CLASSPATH environment variable (currently for the calabash/ invocation only). If the extensions use the new Calabash 1.1 annotation/introspection mechanism, they should be instantly available.

There is a calabash/calabash.bat invocation for Windows. Users of Linux, MacOS X or Cygwin should use calabash/ Apart from the $CLASSPATH, the latter accepts DEBUG and HEAP as environment variables. Example:

HEAP=512m DEBUG=yes calabash/ calabash/extensions/transpect/image-props-extension/image-identify-example.xpl

Please look at the comments in for a relatively easy, externals-based way to enable commercial versions of Saxon. You need to have a suitable Saxon license file though.