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Polyglot, full-stack software consulting with focus on declarative/functional/logic programming.

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  1. mix-to-nix mix-to-nix Public

    Sandboxable mix.lock and rebar.lock Nix generator

    Nix 16 3

  2. multi-party-ecdsa multi-party-ecdsa Public

    Rust implementation of {t,n}-threshold ECDSA (Aleph0 fork of ZenGo X project)

    Rust 3

  3. sni-gateway sni-gateway Public

    Transparent TLS proxy with dispatch by SNI

    Rust 1

  4. centipede centipede Public

    Scheme for instantiating KMSes with recovery (Aleph0 fork of a ZenGo X project)

    Rust 1

  5. disciplina-nixops disciplina-nixops Public

    Forked from DisciplinaOU/disciplina-nixops

    NixOS/NixOps driven Disciplina cluster, deployer and macOS builder


  6. cargo-to-nix cargo-to-nix Public

    Sandboxable Cargo.lock Nix generator

    Nix 2


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