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Compile_Flags update vim configure script
Xcolors Xresources: nancy cleanup
bash_completion bash_completion: initial
canto further cleanup; be consistent
cwiid/wminput further cleanup; be consistent
emacs.d emacs: update
enchant enchant: initial
feh feh: add keymappings
foo Various upgrades
fretsonfire fretsonfire: initial
gelide further cleanup; be consistent
htop htop: hide threads by default but use detailed cpu time
ls++ update lyrics
mplayer mplayer: move the OSD progressbar to the top
mutt mutt: darken the background colors
ncmpcpp lyrics update
neverball neverballrc: use 1680x1050 again
nitrogen add nitrogen stuff
pentadactyl pentadactyl: ./color -> ./colors
pimpd pimpd.conf: update host
pimpd2 pimpd2: change stream
projectM projectM: initial
pyroscope rtorrent: add complete rtorrent 0.8.9 messive hack
rickswm rickswm/: initial
rmshit rmshit: add .adobe directory
screen rmshit.conf: dont delete .ncmpcpp anymore
screenfo vim: add standard macros and plugins
ssh ssh: add superdupermega config
stumpwm stumpwm: useful modules
themes add gtk themes
twmn twmn: use absolute_position for multihead
vcp vcp: no -i by default
vifm vifm: initial configuration
vile add vile configuration
vim vim: update templates for 2013
vimperator further cleanup; be consistent
vimprobable vimprobable/config.h: initial
xkb/symbols xkb: hhkb2 se
zsh zsh: add bindings for inserting all matches on the cmdline, and a gen…
.gitignore git: dont ignore ncmpcpp/artists
.gitmodules vim: I now has(+user_commands_lowercase) ! Removing Cabbrev hack
Canon_MP150.ppd add Canon MP150 config
Xresources Xresources: remove host india, rambo; cleanup
ackrc ack: add --column
apvlvrc apvlv: no visualmode, wrapscan
asoundrc further cleanup; be consistent
asoundrc.backup further cleanup; be consistent
atoprc atoprc: initial
bashrc bash: I guess I tried to clean it up or something
bauerbill.conf bauerbill.conf: initial
ccliverc cclive: use Mozilla as useragent
cliverc cliverc: initial
dillorc dillorc: initial
emacs.el emacs: update
fbtermrc fbtermrc: initial
fonts.conf fonts.conf: turn off aa and hinting
fstab fstab: bigger ramdisk and trying out xfs again osse be stealing my gitconfig updates
gitk gitk: make red background more red
gtkrc-2.0 gtk: fix issue where "OK" and "Cancel" buttons magically changed place
gtkrc-2.0.mine gtk: use a longer double-click delay for my slow fingers
gtkrc-firefox gtkrc-firefox: add some findings from the gtk source tarball
hammer.css hammer.css: style for hammer.vim-generated documentation at devel.jap…
htoprc htoprc: prettier added public ssh key
inputrc inputrc: finaly got this working - dont do set -o vi _and_ set editin…
irc-irssi-laleh.conf add lalehs irssi-irc config map Caps Lock to ESC in the TTY
makepkg.conf makepkg.conf: initial
mame-shiva.ini mame: use the mouse for lightgun etc
mpd.conf mpd: configure a local output plugin
mplay.conf mplay: -ao oss
muttprintrc add mutt printer configuration
muttrc mutt: add vim-line keybindings
neercsrc neercsrc: screen replacement rc
neverland-ansi_bg.vim cleanup and updates
noscript.conf noscript.conf: initial
nvidia-settings-rc updates
pentadactylrc pentadactyl: evaluate if replacing buftabs with :set showtabline=alwa…
perlcriticrc updates
pfmrc further cleanup; be consistent
prefs.js Massive update; moving ~/configs to ~/etc and ~/.config to ~/etc
procmailrc procmail: update
quotes quotes: initial
ratpoisonrc ratpoison: better interactive window and group switchers
rc.conf add rc.conf remove vim-dev plugin
rmcd.conf update rmcd.conf
rtorrent.rc rtorrent: add complete rtorrent 0.8.9 messive hack
rxvt-unicode.terminfo rxvt-unicode.terminfo: correct spelling of own name
sbclrc rmshit: lots of new evil files; cleanup
scp1.shiva.crontab crontab update
screenrc screenrc: dont spawn xrestop
screenrc-dvdc further cleanup; be consistent
se.xorg-symbols se.xorg-symbols: the default xorg se symbols file, with Svorak A5 added
se.xorg-symbols-svorak-m5 initial commit of my svorak m5 project
shrc shrc: initial added several stump dumps
stump.rules.dump added several stump dumps
stump.screen.dump added several stump dumps
stump.window.placement.dump added several stump dumps
stumpwm_dev.desktop stumpwm: new dev layout
stumpwmrc stumpwm: get rid of useless bindings, add an uxterm one for when urxv…
stumpwmrc-dvorak further cleanup; be consistent
tigrc tig: update
time_wasted_in_vim update
tmux.conf tmux.conf: initial
toprc further cleanup; be consistent
urlview further cleanup; be consistent
userContent.css firerfox: update userContent rules
vilerc updates
vimpagerrc vimpagerrc: scroll, scrolljump
vimperatorrc vimperator: update for zibri
vshnurc vshnurc: some modifications wrt to my username
xchm xchm: initial
xinitrc xinitrc: rotate monitors, flip the cursor and enable terminate option
xmodmaprc xmodmaprc: disable Shift_L -> Control_L mapping
xmodshit xmodshit: finally something that works
xmonad.hs added xmonad.hs
xorg.conf xorg.conf: add razer mamba section and use it as a CorePointer device
xorg.conf.kms Added xorg.conf for Nouveau/KMS, dual monitors
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