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Drupal - YouTube Playlist Integration

This is a simple make file that is to be used with Drush Make in order to set the ground work of a YouTube playlist importer site within Drupal. Here are the steps to follow to get this working.

  • Install drush + drush make on your machine.
  • Clone this repo into the docroot of your Local Machine or server.
  • Change directories into the directory and type drush make youtube.make www
  • Setup a VirtualHost to point to the www as the docroot for your site.
  • Install Drupal as you normally would (with
  • Walk through the installer.
  • When you are done, go to Modules and enable the "MediaFront: YouTube Playlist Feeds" module.
  • Now, create content - "YouTube Channel"
  • Give your feed a title.
  • Go to YouTube API to find a feed you wish to import, and put that in the FEED URL text field.
  • Click save and it will import the whole feed into content into your site.
  • Enjoy!!!